If you need temporary accommodation to cover a gap between dwellings, or you're new to the Grand Duchy, there are options to suit all budgets.

Very short-term

Starting with the cheapest, a bed in a shared dorm in a youth hostel can come to under €25 a night, including breakfast. Check availability at youthhostels.lu.

Personally, I would rather sleep next to a pneumatic drill than spend another night in a dorm. But that's coloured by my own experience of youth hostelling alongside people with snores worse than heavy construction equipment.

To kip in your own bed, a popular booking site has rooms available from around €40 per night. The site in question rhymes with 'Bare He and She', but doesn't need a link from us to find (if you're completely clueless as to what I'm talking about, it's AirBnB). They also have apartments available, which works well in the short-term, but can prove significantly more expensive if staying for more than a few weeks.

If you'd prefer to stay somewhere with breakfast included, bed and breakfasts can be a good option. Bedandbreakfast.eu have over seventy listings from across the country. Prices start from €50 a night.

If money is no object to you, you could totally blow the budget and spend your accommodation gap in a luxury hotel. I like the look of the charming Les Jardins d'Anaïs in Luxembourg's old city centre. But with prices starting at €249 per night, it likes the look of my wallet. We jobbing journos don't earn anywhere near enough, but one can dream.

Short- to medium-term

If you're looking for a bed to rent for a few months, your best bet is to search via a house sharing portal. atHome.lu lets you filter for short-term rentals, and has options available from €600 per month. They also have apartments available - you can find a dinky studio for short-term rent from around €950.

Colocation Luxembourg, trading as Furnished.lu, have a range of furnished flat shares available short and long-term. You can browse options on their Facebook page, with prices starting out at €600 a month.

Further up the accommodation pecking order are aparthotels, which is a genius portmanteau of apartments and - well - hotels, and serviced apartments.

Aparthotels combine hotel luxuries with the facilities of a studio apartment. That means you get basic facilities like a kitchenette, lounge and dining area, as well as extras such as internet and breakfast, linen service and cleaning. Serviced apartments are similar, but lack hotel amenities like restaurants and shared common facilities.

Both options are expensive yet very convenient, and for this reason tend to be booked up months in advance by companies.

If booking one for yourself, the cheapest we could find is Apart2Stay in Gare, from €58 per night if booked for a minimum of 30 nights. Other options tend to be significantly pricier. Vistay apartments, for example, have seven well-appointed places in Luxembourg City, from €138.

The MG group have a range of aparthotels and suites, but most are north of €200 per night. For the full aparthotel experience, stay at their Four Stars aparthotel, which offers breakfast in an adjoining restaurant.

There's also co-living, which is meant to combine the benefits of flat sharing with the convenience of serviced apartments. In reality, it's basically the same as renting a room in a shared house or apartment, but with the added convenience of knowing your bills are covered.

Vauban & Fort have the largest selection of rooms, with prices including bills as well as regular cleaning services. Their minimum term is five months, however, so this isn't an option for shorter-term rents. Rates start from about €780 per month.

There's a range of newer providers coming on stream as well, with a bit more of an exclusive (read: more expensive) feel. Cocoonut have rooms in Neudorf from €1,100 per month, minimum six months, with other locations coming soon. Orchard 13 in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie is a five-room coliving flat with minimal design aesthetics, starting at €1000 and minimum six months.