Guess you were waiting for another lesson weren't you? We however decided to give you a break this week.

Very kind of us isn't it.. but in reality this supposed break is no break at all.

It's revision time baby!

We'll be back with a bang next week and test your knowledge. Did you follow all the lessons? Did you pay attention in class? In just a short week we'll know the answer.

In case you haven't or if you want to revise one last time, you can find all the lessons and languages basics right here.

From introducing yourself, to be able to smalltalk about the weather and ordering your food, we've got you covered. There's 14 lessons and 13 basic language grammar articles waiting for you.

So grab your notebook and your favourite snack and get going.

Our multiple choice exam will be waiting for you (and yes, they are the worst kind of exam) in just one short week!