We'll soon be relaunching our 'Learn Luxembourgish' series with brand new classes, starting with the very basics.

We first launched this series last year, but the coronavirus pandemic forced us to put the breaks on after just three instalments. The good news is that we are working on a brand new series under the same name, with classes developed from scratch to help you get to grips with Lëtzebuergesch.

We'll be starting with classes roughly in line with  what you would expect from an 'A1' couse, i.e. the very basics of the language, including how to introduce yourself and others, the phrases and words you need when in the supermarket, talk a bit about your day and the weather, and so on.

Each class will include a couple of handfuls of useful words and phrases, and (sorry, but this can't be avoided), just a touch of grammar as well. And, of course, we'll have audio recordings to help you with the pronunciation side of things!

The series will launch summer 2021 - so stay tuned!