Compared to other countries, the Luxembourgish cultural scene may seem quite limited to outsiders.

Especially now with winter rapidly approaching and Christmas time just around the corner, the cultural activities are rapidly dwindling. But there will be a time after the winter and Christmas break, and for that time, Roux has gathered two cultural hotspots in Luxembourg to keep an eye on, that, while well known, are often overlooked. You will also find some tips for other places to look out for if you are craving some culture. Kulturfabrik in Esch

Located on the site of an old slaughterhouse, the Kulturfabrik is a cultural site full of history and importance to the city of Esch. Created by squatting artists, the grassroots origin of this cultural institution is still strong. The Kulturfabrik offers a wide array of activities. The main hall is used for concerts, which run throughout the whole year. Music is a strong point here, artist residencies with studios as well as rehearsal rooms are available.

But apart from music it also hosts a cinema which is used for film festivals, short films, etc. Additionally, there is an exhibition room that hosts temporary exhibitions and many other events. A bar, the Ratelach can be found on site too. A laid-back atmosphere with good cocktails and a big choice of different craft beers is offered here.

Literary events can be hosted at the bar as well, including slam poetry and book reading sessions. During the summer, the Kufa Summer Bar, during which the bar terrace is enlarged and the summer evenings are accompanied by DJ sets and the occasional art performance.

Rotondes in Luxembourg City

On the site of two old locomotive depots, the Rotondes is a cultural centre in the heart of Luxembourg City between the Gare and Bonnevoie districts. As with the Kulturfabrik, it is a place that offers a wide array of cultural activities, like concerts, exhibitions, etc.

On top of that, it also oftentimes hosts conventions, like gaming conventions, and specialty markets among others. It also features a bar with a kitchen and a Sunday brunch. In the summer the Rotondes offers its annual summer festival, the Congés Annulés, where you can expect a month of concerts, DJs and much more.

Other Spots

There are of course many other spots that offer a wide range of cultural activities, depending on what one likes. Of course, everyone knows the theatres and the Philharmonie. However, other, smaller, cultural centres may also offer interesting events. The Aalt Stadhaus in Differdange, the Centre OpderSchmelz in Dudelange, and the Bridderhaus and Konschthal in Esch are examples that come to mind of places close to the Campus.

And of course, do not forget the Nuit de la Culture in Esch. While culture may seem obsolete right now to many of you who are new arrivals to Luxembourg, be sure to check out the programs of these cultural institutions, especially for the summer semester where you can expect the cultural scene around Belval to flourish.