Perfect your downward dog, align your chakras, and find peace and balance with the top yoga classes the Grand Duchy has to offer.

Whether you're a pro yogi who knows your bakasana from your balasana, or a beginner who thinks that cat/cow pose involves meowing and mooing (it doesn't, but it should), explore our list below to find the perfect yoga shala (gathering place for practicing yoga).

At the time of writing (April 2021), most studios are open but with restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. These may include attendance limits, outdoor classes or online classes. Make sure you check with the venue before booking. 

In and around Luxembourg City

Best for: beginners

YogaBalance, with studios in Merl, Kirchberg and Walferdange, offers a varied schedule with both slow and fast classes which are beginner-friendly. It's a good option as it lets you sample out different varieties of yoga before narrowing down on what suits you and your body best. They also offer workshops and retreats.

Best for: body and mind

Jivamukti Yoga on Avenue de la Faïencerie has a range of indoor and outdoor classes suitable for all abilities. Most classes are based on the Jivamukti method, which was created by a dancer and artist in New York in 1984 and aims to combine vigorous physical practice with meditation, scripture, devotion, nonviolence and music. The school also organises luxurious retreats in places like an island in the Venice lagoon.

Best for: hot yoga

BYLU in Limpertsberg claims it was the first Bikram yoga studio in the country. Bikram is a fixed sequence of 26 poses practiced in a hot and humid room, which is intended to replicate the climatic conditions in the birthplace of yoga - India. BYLU offer a beginner series which can also be adapted for pregnant women, as well as more advanced intermediate classes and restorative Yin classes.

Best for: learning to fly*

AéroYoga in Gare, with another branch in Esch-sur-Alzette, have classes in aerial yoga, also referred to as anti-gravity yoga. They'll have you suspended in a hammock while forming poses similar to more traditional yoga. They also offer aerial pilates, aerial dance, and aerial fitness classes.
*You don't actually learn to fly.


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Best for: mums and dads

Grace on rue des Peupliers combine a boutique, exclusive feel with classes in yoga, barre, and tabata training. With a babysitting service, kids and teens dance classes, postnatal yoga and yoga for men, they're a great option for yogi families.

Best for: becoming a yoga instructor

My Happy Place on Avenue du Bois have 200 and 300 hour official yoga teacher training programmes, so that you can deepen your practice and learn the tips for running your own yoga classes. They also offer a full schedule of yoga and pilates classes, as well as yoga for kids, tweens, and teens.

Best for: yoga and wellness therapy

YogaLoft in Gare and Kirchberg combine a comprehensive yoga programme with a range of restorative and relaxing wellness and alternative treatments (at Kirchberg only). Treatments include massages, reflexology and sound bath therapy.


Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet. / © Unsplash

Best for: dedicated yogis

Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg on Rue du Nord offer Mysore-style classes in a relaxed environment, promising to help practitioners on their path to self-discovery and self-empowerment. Mysore yoga is an assisted self-practice class, where students practice the same sequence of postures but their practice is adjusted and supported by an experienced teacher.

Best for: creating a home studio

If you want to transform your living room into the perfect shala (gathering place to practice yoga), the Lux Yoga Shop is the place to visit. They stock yoga gear, beauty products, paper-made homewares, sustainable jewellery and more. They have a concession at YogaLoft Gare and run pop-up events across the city.

Rest of the country

Shenai Body Therapy in Esch-sur-Alzette specialise in pre- and post-natal yoga and pilates, with an introductory offer of 50% off if you commit for three months.

Kineo Osteo, also in Esch-Sur-Alzette, have restorative yoga classes, as well as physiotherapy and osteopathy.

AéroYoga also have a branch in Esch-Sur Alzette, as well as in Luxembourg-Gare.

Further north, Oa6 in Oberfeulen have yoga and pilates classes, as well as a range of spa treatments and packages.

Anu Naik runs a yoga studio in Diekirch, focusing on the traditional and gentle hatha yoga practice.

Near the northern border with Belgium, Back to Balance in Weiswampach offers one-to-one and group yoga sessions. The owner, Nancy, is often in the Netherlands, so recommends contacting her in advance.


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During the warmer months, Yoga Sessions by Sarah & John offer outdoor classes up and down the Grand Duchy.

If you can't find a studio that suits, there's a host of independent teachers right across the country. You can find them via the National Federation of Luxembourg Yoga Schools' directory of teachers, which can be filtered by language and location.