Spectacular cliffs, picturesque streams and flower-filled meadows. Luxembourg´s “little Switzerland”, the Mullerthal region has it all!

Together with the region around the river Moselle and its romantic vineyards we introduce the Eastern/South-Eastern region of the country.

Before we delve into the beauty of "Little Switzerland", prepare yourself with these practical tips from the region's tourist information.

  • Several hiking trails lead through the beautiful landscape. Try the W7 walk, which covers several of  the most popular sites of the area: It passes the spot where Loschi, the oldest completely preserved skeleton of a Luxembourger, has been found.



On the way back a long wooden boardwalk overstretching the winding stream leads to the impressive travertine source called Kalktuffquell, where the water slowly drips down a rock into a crystal-clear pond.

You will have only have ticked the most important boxes after having also passed the Schiessentümpel.


© Christof Weber /LFT

  • The Tudor Museum in Rosport- get energised!


© Tudor Museum

The castle-like mansion that houses the museum was once the residence of the family of Henri Tudor, who lived there from 1859-1928 and who was the inventor of the first car battery. It is believed that the old manor was one of the first private houses in Europe to have a continuously working power station, which meant light throughout the whole day - and night!


The old Tudor mansion / © Tudor Museum

Adults and children can participate in several workshops around the topic electricity. After your visit, the museum recommends to take a stroll through the beautiful parks surrounding the museum. If your kids enjoy a good playground, visit the nearby Sauerpark playground.

  • Free Hiking Equipment

The Tourist Centre Heringer Millen offers everything you need for a day of hiking:

Hiking shoes, jackets, backpacks, GPS, head lamps, hiking poles, even child carriers are available for rent at no cost.


© Dieter Telemans / LFT

  • Bad weather and you need some entertainment for your kids (or yourself 😉) ?

Your kids eyes will sparkle with joy at the indoor playground and bowling track at the youth hostel in Beaufort.


© Youth hostel Beaufort

If you feel like climbing, the youth hostel in Echternach offers climbing classes for all levels:


  • Feel like an American Indian and sleep in a Tipi!


Camping Beaufort offers this adventure for 2-5 people, but don't worry, this modernised version even offers electricity.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of their hiking cabins which provide five beds, a small kitchen, a fridge and a seating area, and you can even take your furry friend along.

If the weather allows, take a dip at their water park with water cannons, a 50m slide and a shaded pool for the very little ones.

  • ...or you can try out their “Pods”  and feel like a dwarf in a Disney adventure in these little wooden chalets.


© Solange Coussement / LFT

  • Get (some of) the taste of the region and at the same time support "Europe's rainforests"!


© Ramborn

One example for the many local producers is Cider producer Ramborn in Born. You can visit their facility, which works together with more than local 100 farmer to revive, maintain and improve traditional orchards, a system of biodiversity  which they call Europe's rainforests.

See how their fresh apple and pear juices are made and of course, try them!

  • VIP Tip Heringer Tourist Centre :

Filled with all sort of delicacies from local producers, their "pic- nic basket" is the ideal companion for your adventure!  Depending on what you opt for, delve in some of the best regional products: fresh mill rolls, sausages, cheese, jam, honey, and..., - how about a Crémant?


Mosel region

The sun-soaked slopes grow grape varieties that make it possible to produce the many famous wines like Pinot Gris or Riesling. Get some tips for this region, which is home to Schengen, the little town where you can feel the spirit of a united Europe and discover some of the spots along the meandering Moselle river.

  • Water fun at Baggerweier Remerschen!


© Christof Weber/ iStock / Binsfeld


© Alfonso Salgueiro /LFT


Enjoy the Moselle region's unspoilt beauty during the summer and cool down in the two lakes of the Baggerweier. Two designated supervised areas, one for swimmers and one for non-swimmers, volleyball courts and the option to rent pedalo boats guarantee some fun time outside.

  • Combine the visit with an exploration of flora and fauna and the underwater world of the area at the biodiversum which was actually created on an artificial island in a futuristic building


  • You should also pay Schengen  a visit. The picturesque winemaking village is located down the road from Remerschen.  After the historical signing of the Schengen agreement in 1985, which heads of states didn´t attach significant value to at the time and therefore were sending their second-choice representatives, the village is now a significant symbol for European history and known by any traveller around the world who has ever applied for a ‘Schengen’ visa.


© Visit Schengen

  • The Dream Loops- Yes, these trails are real!

Hikers can experience three Dream Loops, so-called high-quality trails around the German ‘Saar-Hunsrück-Steig’.

Try the "wine and nature" path for example, which passes along steep shell lime cliffs, through the steep vineyards that are famous for the region and finishes at the valley of Donvrebachs with its waterfalls and canyon forest.


© Paul Hilbert /LFT

  • Visit a wine cellar caved into the stone!


© Eric Threinen

Naturally, you cannot leave the region without tasting some of its famous wine. The underground caves St Martin in Remich were built 100 years ago and they consist of almost one kilometre (!) of underground galleries.

The regional office Top Tip

Take up to the skies and discover the region from the air. Five balloons in different shapes and sizes can accommodate up to 12 people.


© Newsspirit


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