Get to know Luxembourg's English school options, both public and private, as we take you inside each school and meet staff and students.

The Ecole Internationale de Differdange & Esch has been growing at such a fast rate that, following Differdange, it has opened a second campus in Esch-sur-Alzette and a third in Schifflange.

It is one of the most densely populated areas of the country, hence demand for international schooling is high.

A surprising number of former European school teachers walk the corridors here, one of them being Marcus Balloch, teacher and BAC coordinator: "As an international school, the variety and diversity of most teachers and students is fantastic...this melting pot adds to a really interesting and positively changing experience here."

Carlotta Tartaro and Ariana Sabotic are both in second year of secondary. They are both in orchestra, and do other activities like ballet and theatre. There is also an activity that focuses on food science.

Gérard Zens, the director of the school, is proud of the school's rapid growth and that staff and facilities have been able to keep up with this demand. He underlines that EIDE runs the same programme as the European schools, but unlike the latter, EIDE is free.

The school has 104 nationalities represented, with 2,100 students spread over the three campuses.

Lily Ahmed and Georgia Fitzgerald, in third year of primary, explain their subject Discovery of the World: "You learn about the biggest things that have happened in the world, and it's very interesting." They also have French as a second language and compulsory Luxembourgish.

Una Fox, primary teacher: "People here are united in diversity. We are different, and that's ok. We show that in things we do, like cross-section activities, francophone/anglophone, across year groups. The sharing here happens all the time. Everyone is welcome. Children say people have nothing to worry about. We are all different and we are all accepted here."

To learn more about education and daily life at Ecole Internationale de Differdange, visit their website.

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