Strap on your digital gear and get ready to dive into the thrilling world of coding and robotics!

Luxembourg is lighting up with schools that offer classes in these futuristic skills. Think of it as an adventure map, guiding you to these epic learning hubs. And hey, if we missed a spot, fear not! We're all ears, waiting eagerly in the comments section to update our treasure trove of knowledge.

Let's not forget, in this world of bytes and bots, it's not just about tech skills – it's about cracking puzzles, painting with logic, and embracing your inner superhero problem-solver. These classes aren't just about prepping for a job; they're about gearing up for a world where tech is the ultimate superpower!

So whether you're a kid, teen or adult, grab your curiosity, pack your innovation, and join us in this quest to conquer coding and robotics!

1. 42 Luxembourg

This new coding school offers free classes for adults in Luxembourg - but only if you pass the admissions process, which involves some fun logic games! Candidates are allowed to participate in the 4-week "piscine" stage, which determines whether the course is for you based on a series of basic programming exercises. Successful applicants will then be invited to join the full classes, where they learn alongside their peers and advance at their own pace.

Interested? Find out more here.

2. CODE CLUB Luxembourg

Code Club is a global network of free coding clubs aimed at children aged 9 to 13 years old. There are several locations in Luxembourg, all run by volunteers, in Dippach (Schouweiler), Schifflange, Walferdange, and the Forum Geesseknäppchen in Luxembourg City. For older kids aged 12 and up, there is a "CoderDojo" in Bonnevoie.

For more details, visit Code Club Luxembourg.

3. Luxembourg Tech School

The Luxembourg Tech School offers a three-year programme aimed at young people aged 12-19, teaching new technologies and encouraging students to express their creativity and start fascinating projects in a fun environment. Covering topics such as digital art, coding and more, there's plenty to fuel young minds.

Find out all about the programme here: Luxembourg Tech School

4. Workshop4me

This coding school, founded by a mum and her children, offers a wide variety of classes for all different age groups, starting from the age of five. Whether it's creating animated stories or designing applications, there's something for everyone. Sessions are available in English, German, or French.

For more information, visit the website: Coding, Education, Online - Workshop 4 Me


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5. ALGORITHMICS Luxembourg

Algorithmics, an international programming and mathematics school, is fairly new to Luxembourg and offers a variety of classes for different age groups. Their easy, fun lessons introduce kids to the IT world through games, projects, and activities, teaching topics such as Python and game design, as well as encouraging creative thinking and teamwork.

The classes take place at the Altrimenti cultural centre in Luxembourg City.

All information is here: Algorithmics - Altrimenti

6. Ecole Algora Luxembourg

The Algora programming school is located in Belvaux, but also offers workshops across the country. The courses are split between two age groups of 6-9 and 10-14 years old respectively and teach children to build and programme unique robots. It also runs holiday camps.

For more details, visit: Algora Luxembourg

7. Bricks4Kidz Luxembourg

Combine a classic kids favourite with coding and you get Bricks4Kidz, which allows children to learn about programming with physical creations made of LEGO. With different courses aimed at younger and older children, there is plenty to keep the whole family occupied while investigating robotics!

Find out more here: Bricks 4 Kidz - Luxembourg


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8. Kids Life Skills

Kids Life Skills teaches basic coding concepts to children as young as 4 years old, starting without screens in a fun and engaging manner. The sessions help kids to learn a logical way of thinking which will later benefit them in STEM subjects and programming. Workshops take place at the weekends at the Forum Geesseknäppchen and PwC Luxembourg.

To find out more about Kids Life Skills, visit their website here.

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