For Halloweenmania's final instalment, explore some spooktacular theme park options for a family-friendly Halloween, in and around the Grand Duchy.

Get ready for a spine-tingling Halloween season with 13 fantastic theme park experiences in and around Luxembourg. From Germany to France, and beyond, there's something for every thrill-seeker in your family. Let's dive into the third and final part of this year's Halloweenmania.

(Missed parts one and two? Read on forΒ Halloween events in the French Moselle region, as well asΒ Halloween events right here in Luxembourg.)

1. Halloween at Europa-park, Germany

πŸ“… Until 5 November 2023
πŸ•˜ Daily from 9am to at least 6pm
πŸŽƒ Over 180,000 pumpkins and eerie decorations

Europa-park in Germany is the place to be this Halloween season. With over 180,000 pumpkins adorning the park, it's a spectacular sight to behold. Explore thrilling attractions and embrace the spooky atmosphere. For more information, check out their website: Halloween at Europa-Park

2. Halloween at Walibi, Belgium

πŸ“… Two distinct Halloween experiences
πŸ•™ Family-friendly and spooky options
πŸŽͺ Circus shows, haunted houses, and more

Walibi Belgium offers two exciting Halloween experiences. Families with younger kids can enjoy pumpkin fairs and entertaining circus shows from October 27 to November 4. For the brave, there are late-night scares and haunted house adventures. Discover all the details on their website: Walibi Belgium Halloween

3. Halloween at Plopsa Coo, Belgium

πŸ“… 21 October to 5 November
πŸ¦‡Β Daily magic shows at 15:00
πŸŽƒ Family-friendly Halloween fun

For a family-friendly Halloween celebration close to Luxembourg, head to Plopsa Coo in Belgium. Alongside the regular attractions, you can enjoy daily magic shows. More information can be found here: Halloween at Plopsa Coo

4. Hallownights at EifelPark Gondorf, Germany

πŸ“… Fridays and Saturdays in October
πŸŒƒ Illuminations, spooky decorations, and fire shows
πŸ‘» Horror mazes and eerie experiences

EifelPark Gondorf, a favorite among Luxembourg families, celebrates Halloween on Fridays and Saturdays throughout October. With illuminations, spooky decor, fire shows, and horror mazes, it's an unforgettable experience. Learn more on their website: Eifelpark Hallownights

5. Halloween/Walloween at Wallygator, Grand Est, France

πŸ“… Late-night openings on October 21 and 31
πŸŒ™ Halloween season until November 5, 2023
πŸ¦‡ Spine-tingling fun at the closest theme park

Wallygator in Grand Est, France, welcomes you for late-night Halloween thrills on October 21 and 31. The Halloween season continues until November 5. Find all the spooky details here: Wallygator Halloween

6. Halloween at Plopsa Indoor Hasselt, Belgium

πŸ“… Special Halloween event on October 31, 2023
πŸŽ‰ Pat the Pirate will be there
πŸ‘» Spooky indoor playground fun

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt offers endless joy for the whole family, and on 31 October 2023, they're hosting a special Halloween event until 8pm. Even Pat the Pirate will make an appearance. Learn more on their website: Plopsa Indoor Hasselt

7. Nigloween at Nigloland, France

πŸ“… Celebrate Halloween until 5 November 2023
🌟 Night shows, fireworks, and live music
πŸŽͺ Fun for all, from kids to adults

Nigloland in France promises an extended Halloween celebration until 5 November 2023. Enjoy night shows, fireworks, a spooky circus, witches' villages, and live music concerts. Discover more on their blog: Nigloland Halloween

8. Disneyland Paris, France

πŸ“… A Disney Halloween celebration
🦹 Disney Villains on the prowl
😱 Get ready for some Disney magic

Disneyland Paris is celebrating Halloween with a touch of Disney magic. Encounter Maleficent, Captain Hook, and other Disney Villains during this enchanting event. All the details can be found here: Disney Halloween Festival

9. Halloween at the Park of the Little Prince

πŸ“… Halloween until 5 November 2023
πŸ•ΈοΈ Spooky maze, haunted attractions, and more
🌌 Late-night openings on October 28 and 31

The Park of the Little Prince in Alsace offers a thrilling Halloween experience until 5 November. Don't miss the spooky maze, haunted attractions, witch shows, and pumpkin hunting. Get all the details here: Le Parc du Petit Prince

10. Halloween at Klotti Park, Cochem, Germany

πŸ“… 28-29 October, 2023
πŸ”₯ Impressive fire shows and walk acts
🎨 Face painting and light juggling

Klotti Park in Cochem, Germany, is hosting Halloween festivities on 28-29 October. Alongside the regular attractions, enjoy impressive fire shows, light juggling, face painting, and more. Learn all about it here: Klotti Park Events


© Jeremy Yap / Unsplash

11. Halloween at Movie Park Germany

πŸ“… Terrifying terror movies come to life
πŸ‘» For older children and Halloween enthusiasts
πŸš— Approximately 3.5 hours from Luxembourg

A bit farther away but worth the drive, Movie Park Germany brings terror movies to life for older children and Halloween enthusiasts. Find more information here: Halloween Horror Festival

12. Halloween Weeks at Sprookjebos, Valkenburg, Netherlands

πŸ“… Pumpkin scavenger hunts, Halloween shows, and more
🎨 Halloween glitter tattoos for children
🌳 A transformed park for spooky fun

Sprookjebos in Valkenburg, Netherlands, is transformed for Halloween. Enjoy pumpkin scavenger hunts, Halloween shows, and glitter tattoos for children. For all the details, visit their website: Sprookjebos Valkenburg

13. Halloween at Le Foire de Liege

πŸ“… Special Halloween celebration on 31 October 2023
πŸŽͺ Over 160 attractions at the biggest fair in Belgium
πŸŽƒ Get ready for a fabulous, spooky day

The Foire de Liege, the largest fair in Belgium with over 160 attractions, celebrates a special Halloween day on 31 October 2023. Learn more on their website: Foire de Liege


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As you embark on these thrilling adventures, we wish you a spooktacular Halloween season filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories.Β Enjoy and, as always,Β Let'zΒ TravelmatKanner!

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