Get to know Luxembourg's English school options, both public and private, as we take you inside each school and meet staff and students.

Lycée Michel Lucius is a public primary and secondary school, located in Limpertsberg in Luxembourg City.

The school is over fifty years old, originally opening as a Lycée operating within the Luxembourgish curriculum. In response to high demand from the international community, the English Language International stream was introduced in 2011 and has since flourished into an International Primary and Secondary School serving over 1600 students. The school teaches an International Cambridge curriculum, leading to IGCSE qualifications and culminating in GCE A-Levels.

Whilst the International curriculum is taught in English, students’ multi-lingual skills continue to develop through the school's flexible language tutelage in Luxembourgish, French and German, as well as other language options at IGCSE.

"We have a vision of a school cherishing diversity and offering high-impact teaching, with high expectations, in a caring and supportive environment," says Pascale Petry, Director of the School. According to Petry, the school aims to prepare students for a better world by making learning meaningful.

She says: "We have to empower students to embrace challenges with a growth mindset, and making sure they understand that learning is about engaging in what we don’t know or can’t do yet," and that small word ‘yet’ makes all the difference. Petry notes that the school’s success is because of the exceptional group of educators in the school: "Their passion, dedication, and resilience are the cornerstone of the school's success".

Shane Sweeney of the Primary Leadership Team explains that there is a no-homework policy at the school. "We want them to have authentic life learning experiences rather than be curtailed behind formalised homework," giving examples such as dinner table conversations or going to a store to do some budgeting.

Primary student Zhenyang plays in the school band, is involved in music production and in maths club. Emilia says students are kind to each other and that those who need extra support can speak to teachers or support staff.

"If the students feel well they are going to learn well. Social and emotional learning is thoroughly embedded in the practices that we want to provide," says Laura White, English teacher and Elevate Coordinator. Daniel Redinger, Deputy Director and Curriculum Development Lead, adds: "We are looking at the process of learning rather than just the end results." Grades are still important, but there's more than that, he emphasises.

Secondary student Alicia says students can really choose their subjects based on their interests. Maciej, for example, is really into music and Michel Lucius drew him because of its strength in the arts. "It's a full A-level course that I'm going to have on my diploma," he says.

"The international system is extremely diverse," says Nicolai. "It's very welcoming, especially for people who are not used to studying in English. It's very supportive." The classes are 50-minutes long and require students to walk among the different buildings afterwards, scattered around a green campus, explains Gerda. This gives them fresh air and a new boost before class.

To learn more about education and daily life at Lycée Michel Lucius, visit their website.

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