Get to know Luxembourg's English school options, both public and private, as we take you inside each school and meet staff and students.

St George's International School is a private school situated in Hamm that follows the structure of the English and Welsh National Curriculum, leading to I/GCSEs (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A (Advanced) Levels.

The school community is small, vibrant and tightly-knit, with around 863 students with 60 different nationalities.

Principal Dr Christian Barkei says: "What's interesting about this school is that we're not necessarily a British school, and the majority of our students don't speak English when they first join us. So we teach English as a medium of instruction, but you might have a student speaking German or French or Portuguese."

Each campus building is named after a famous Luxembourgish person, such as Hamilius, Lentz, Barthel or Zinnen, and the school grounds have a very familiar feel.

Marta, in Year 10 of Secondary, came from an Italian school before coming to St George's: "When I transitioned to Luxembourg I didn't speak English. They were very good with the transition period and I was quickly able to catch up with the languages."

Jackson, in the same year, acknowledges the school's central place in the city, with buses going straight to town every few minutes during the school day.

The primary students interviewed for this video commented on the art activities, the creative works exhibited in the corridors, as well as the general friendliness of students and staff. The school is indeed very colourful and bustling with creativity.

Tuition at St George's ranges between 14,000-€16,000 per year. With more public English schools coming up now, Dr Barkei says this gives the school an opportunity to focus on its education and strengths, such as small classrooms and individual support for children.

Staff member Ms Kelton adds: "We really know the children. We look at what abilities the children have and push them forward to make them attain the goals they want to achieve."

To learn more about education and daily life at St George's International School, visit their website.

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