Get to know Luxembourg's English school options, both public and private, as we take you inside each school and meet staff and students.

Gaston Thorn is housed in the vibrant "Geesseknäppchen Flower" building in central Merl. It currently offers P1, P2, P3 as well as S1, S2 and S3 in the English, French and German language sections. In addition, the school also hosts two classes in the pre-vocational education class (Préparation francophone) and a Welcome class (Classe d'accueil).

To director Jessy Medinger, the students' personal development is just as important as the academic skills. "We always try to create places where they can make themselves heard, participate, take action and become responsible adults that are aware of the choices they are making," she says.

Students Nicolas Bonilla and Sam Lockett both really enjoy their school and say "it's impressive because it just started". Nicolas cherishes the school's 'makers space', where students can create art (woodwork, painting, sculpturing). Sam appreciates the fact that the small community means "teachers know you, you are not just a number, and the try to do what's best for you".

A new project currently in its implementation phase is game-based learning, as Chris Reinert explains, using an example: "If a language teacher wants to introduce a language, the most common question is going home and describing your home. We thought that students can build a house in the game and explain what's on the screen. It's the same way of learning but it's a different approach".

He says it's important to differentiate between gamification and game-based learning, with the latter having much more educational impact. This project will soon be an integral part of the school curriculum.

Students Nicole Tchipeva and Michelle De Jong appreciate the school's extracurricular activities and also that the school is small.

Students who are struggling at school or at home can find a safe space in the office of Carina Benavente, where support dog Frodo is waiting. "The dog helps establish the first contact with students", she says. "Sometimes when they don't feel good they can sit on my couch, and Frodo sits next to them. He calms students."

"I enjoy working here at this school because we have a really nice atmosphere, with the students, the teachers, the direction."

To learn more about education and daily life at École internationale Gaston Thorn, visit their website.

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