On 22 October 2022, the 4th Edition of "La Nuit des Chateaux" is happening in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and Czech Republic.

Castles are an important element of the European history and culture. They can be found almost everywhere in Europe and although most can be visited during daytime it is not so easy to visit them at night. Unless they also serve as hotels with overnight stays.

This festival allows visitors to explore numerous castles at night and feel the magic during the dark hours. Lit exclusively by stars and candlelight, this once in a lifetime experience is not something you want to miss.

And since the main events take place on Saturday, I highly recommend you to bring your children too. Life is different at night and this is the perfect opportunity for your children to experience a more nocturnal adventure.

Most of the castles will offer guided tours, giving visitors the opportunity to observe and learn about the history of these Chateaus and their outdoors areas and garden.

Here is the list of castles you can visit during this Festival that are in close proximity to Luxembourg.

Chateau de Jaulny

A medieval castle of the 11th and 12th century, displaying one of the most authentic medieval "tavernas". The guided tour will also include the oppurtunity to taste local delicacies, soups and more.

It is said that Jeanne des Armoises who claimed to be Jeanne d’Arc, lived in the chateau. You can even see her portrait!

Address: 4, Rue du Château, 54470, Jaulny, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Grand Est, France

The castle is approximately 1h20 driving from Luxembourg.

Castle Ville au Val

The castle is an old medieval fortress remodeled between the 16th and 18th centuries. During the guided tour, visitors will learn about the history of the fortress and its unique architectural style.
Address: 54380, Ville-au-Val, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Grand Est, France

Approximately 1h15 driving from Luxembourg

Chateau de la Grange

This castle is known for being featured in many films including the film "Mary Shelley" 2016 with Elle Fanning. Its proximity to Luxembourg makes it a great option to visit during "La Nuit des Chateaux".

Address: Route de Luxembourg, 57100, Manom, Moselle, Grand Est, France

Approximately 40min driving from Luxembourg

Chateau Luttange

A 13th century castle with mixed architectural styles. The event description is "at nightfall when the castle comes alive you will follow the guide, walk through the rooms of the castle, lit by your light sticks, and let yourself be surprised!"

Address: 9, Place du Château, 57935, Luttange, Moselle, Grand Est, France
Approximately 50min driving from Luxembourg

Chateau de Preisch

Chateau de Preisch is a beautiful castle situated in the middle of an equally stunning landscape.

This Chateau hosts many events throughout the year including children's birthday parties. It was the castle I visited last year during the festival and my children had a blast. You can see some photos of our late exploration in the gallery below!

Address: 2, Rue des Lilas, 57570, Basse-Rentgen, Moselle, Grand Est, France

Approximately 30min driving from Luxembourg.


The complete list of participating castles in all participating countries can be found here.

Tickets are required for most castles and you can reserve them online.