Pumpkin kisses, harvest wishes! It's time to walk through pumpkin farms, pick up some apples at the orchards and enjoy that freshly pressed apple juice!

Oh how much I love this time of the year :)

The trees are changing colors, the weather is becoming more rainy (not necessarily a bad thing, water is so important for nature, humans and animals, especially after the dry summer we had). Plus, mushrooms will finally make an appearance in the forests again šŸŒ³ together with lots of cute little snailsšŸŒ.

But it is also the time of new beginnings, or endings and the time when apples šŸŽ and pumpkins make their grand appearance...

Would children love to pick up apples and choose their own pumpkins ? Oh yes they would love to! It is always a great family activity that guarantees unforgettable memories and amazing pictures!

Here are some ideas for apple and pumpkin picking in Luxembourg:

1. Open days at the Vergers de Steinsel on 24 and 25 September, from 10:00 to 18:00


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Usually the orchards are open until the end of October on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 to 18:00.

They organise an apple festival at one of the most beautiful orchards in Luxembourg, surrounded by picturesque fields.

Many different varieties of apples and great autumn moments are waiting for the children, and so much more...

To know more about their opening days, you can check the Facebook event for more details.

2. Self - picking farm a Lill - Haff FamillĀ Peller

This paradise in Keispelt is a family farm, full of pumpkins and other vegetables, where you can go and self pick 24/7 with the children.

Tools and trolleys are provided, as well as signs with the different types of vegetables and their price list. You can however only pay by payconiq or cash!

This farm has become a favorite ours! We walk in the fields, updating each other on the news of the day, little jokes here and there, while my children choose their favorite flowers and vegetables. Doesn't sound too bad now does it?

It's a huge moment of joy for the kids to be able to touch and feel the pumpkins, chose the ones that we like and see how they grow in the ground. If you go to this farm, I am sure you and the children will love it!

3. Pumpkins at Hahn

A great place to get your pumpkins; offering the greatest variety! You can find every type, size, color of pumpkin at this family farm!

The pumpkins can be used to decorate, to eat, or simply to admire...

The children will be fascinated by the different sizes and textures of the pumpkins, with the opportunity to learn more about the different varieties and the nutritional value of this great vegetable!

4. Harvesting days at Ramborn on 1st and 2nd October


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In Ramborn Cider Haff, the first Luxembourgish producer of cider,Ā  you can find a two days festival dedicated to apple harvest. Full of children entertainment, games and free tastings, as well as good food and good music for the parents to have a nice relaxing moment! It's a great event around the theme of apples, for the whole family!

The event details can be found on Facebook.

5. AppelfestĀ mat TraktertreffenĀ Contern 2 October

The Youth Club of Contern is organizing an apple festival together with a tractors meetup!

There will be an exhibition of old tractors, which always gets children excited!

You have the possibility to try apple pies,enjoy freshly pressed apple juice, as well as have a nice lunch (reservation needed is needed).

All details about the event can be found on Facebook.

6. Picking fruit from trees for free in Luxembourg City


The yellow ribbon project, an initiative by the Luxembourg City with the support of the Ministry of Agriculturee, allows free collection of fruit from fruit trees! It is a great success and the city of Luxembourg has indicated that apples and pears can be collected from the orchards on Rue Plaetis (Grund) and Avenue Gaston Diderich (Belair) on the following dates :

23/09 (12h tom19h)

24/09 (!0h to 17h)

30/09 (12h to 19h)

1/10 (10h to 17h)

Isn't this amazing ? Picking your own fruit ? I think it is :)

If you know more let us know in the comments ; we will be happy to add them!

Enjoy and let'z Travelmatkanner:)