I know...you go to Trier often...and mainly for shopping right?

However, once I started visiting Trier with my kids, I realized there is so much more to this city than shopping or the Porta Nigra(a wonderful monument to visit).

But what else is there to do in Trier with your kids?

Let'z have a look:


A lovely physical activity, climbing has gained in popularity and is considered a great physical activity for all. In Trier you can enjoy climbing with the kids at the Cube, as well as at the Blocschokolade, which is a place that combines a climbing space and a pastry shop/bakery, where visitors can observe the pastry chef in action through the indoor glass window.


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Indoor playground 

One of the biggest indoor playgrounds in the area, Trampoline Trier, has a variety of things to enjoy like a roller coaster, trampolines, the climbing pyramid, cars, toddlers area, slides, big climbing frames and more. It gets really busy during the weekends as they're usually open from Friday throughout the weekend. During public holidays and summer holidays opening days/times vary, so be sure to check out their website!


A nice walk in the forest is always a good idea with the children.

At the Weisshauswald, visitors can explore nature on different walking and hiking trails and children can enjoy the animal park for free! They can feed the animals with specially provided food (coins of 0.50 and 1 euro required), and enjoy playing at the forest playground. Picnic tables are also available.



There are several museums in the city of Trier that are worth visiting; you can find them listed right here.

A museum that the children are sure to enjoy is the Toy Museum, which has a lovely variety of old toys, a little music show, whilst being centrally located next to the main pedestrian area.


For those of you that love bowling, you can also have a fun day bowling in Trier!

The venue is organizing Family Sundays, where the whole family can come together and enjoy the place already from 10:00 in the morning.

Pottery painting 

The first time we saw malmal with my kids, we got really excited and we entered the place hoping we could do some pottery painting! Unfortunately, it was fully booked that day, but we immediately felt that this was a place where creativity flows in every corner, so we highly recommend it for a nice parent/kid pottery painting session.

Triolago activity center and Water climb 

For warmer days, Triolago is a great activities center that offers a place to swim, a toboggan run, golf, water climbing and soccergolf, which to be honest with you, I had no idea what it was! I did not know it existed, until I read about it on the Triolago website, so if you're curious, go have a look! The toboggan run is new as of 2022; it is called Moselbob and it offers 1170 meters of tobogganing fun with curves, waves and roundabouts. A fun place no matter what the weather outside is!


The first time a friend told me that it was possible to ski in Trier, I laughed …a bit...I had no idea and I did not believe it, until I visited Erbeskopf with the children myself. On a snowy day, it is a lovely day out activity. The slope is quite spacious, and there is also plenty of space for toboggans and a wonderful forest that you can walk through.

In the summer time, there is also a bike park at Erbeskopf, something that a TravelmatKanner enthusiast shared with me (thank you Miranda!).


There is currently a kids friendly event at the Messepark of Trier: an open air play area with bouncy castles, primarily in the shape of dinosaurs. What more can a kid want?

Show Venues 

There are 3 major show venues in Trier and quite often, the shows that are being put up are family-friendly! Check out the following venues:

Historical treasure

The city of Trier is of course, also a history treasure, so you have the possibility to visit the famous Roman monuments: Porta Nigra; Amphitheater; Kaisertherme etc.

There is a small train that brings you to the different spots mentioned. The starting point is close to the Porta Nigra.


There is also a visit of the city for kids!

Additional ideas would include a boat tour on the Mosel river, visiting one of the best toy stores with old school Marklin trains in the pedestrian area, enjoying a walk by the Mosel on foot or with bikes and when the time comes, visit the Trier Christmas Market, which has been voted the best Christmas market in Germany.


Until then enjoy Trier with children and let'z TravelmatKanner :-)