As we are still be in the summer period, some exciting family-friendly experiences are just around the corner in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Let'z have a look:

Opening of MAWAKA Cooking School, Luxembourg

Local entrepreneur and mother Joelle is opening MAWAKA Cooking School in September 2022 and we can not wait to try it!

Following her big success with the MAWAKA cooking boxes for children, an innovative concept to help children learn cooking, she's now creating a dedicated venue for children as young as three (session parent/child) to start learning cooking.

Different age groups will be catered for and all the information is listed on the website.

The school will also organize birthday parties and holiday camps in different languages. It is located in Gasperich (1, rue Léopold Hoffmann).

Digital Learning Hub

The Digital Learning Hub (DLH) aims to provide continuous professional education in the IT domain mainly in the following categories:

  • Coding
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • Design Thinking

It aims to provide a meeting place for learners and professionals - whether adults or kids.

On the 1st September they will be hosting a coding event for 8 to 14 year olds. It's free and in several languages. You can register your children here.

Kannerzait website by Luxembourg Ministry of Education

It may have been up and running for some time but if you do not know it yet, this is a great website where different activities are proposed, including things to do at home. It is available in all major languages (Luxembourgish, English, German, French, Portuguese).

Corn Maze at Park Sennesraich

Messancy Trampoline Park, Belgium

A new trampoline park has just opened in Messancy, Belgium and we cannot wait to try it with the kids!

It even features an Olympic Trampoline which you can use to walk horizontally along the wall.

Address & Contact:

Rue d'Arlon, 220

6780 Messancy

+32 63 38 89 71

Europark Rust, Germany

Do you have any ideas we've missed? Let us know in the comments and let’z TravelmatKanner!