Who doesn’t dream of spending some time in the great outdoors, or sleeping while surrounded by Mother Nature?

There are plenty of ideas in our area and to facilitate your search, TravelmatKanner provides you with some useful online resources and ideas to find the perfect stay in nature, in and around Luxembourg.

There are of course more possibilities and you are always welcome to add yours in the comments.


Rural accommodation:

Tired of the city?

If you want to spend a little mini vacation in Luxembourg, check out the Rural Accommodations website! The site offers many accommodations such as glamping cabins, parking areas for motor homes, and much more!

It is perfect place to plan a weekend getaway into the forest!


To find camping sites in Luxembourg: 

On this website, you will find every camping site available!

Look through the different options and find the one that you think suits you and your fellow campers the most!



© kaul.lu

Promotion of rural tourism in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg: 

The Association for The Promotion Of Rural Tourism In The Grand-Duchy Of Luxembourg is an association aimed at making planning for rural travelling as easy, efficient and interesting as possible! If you wanted to check out some of the smaller villages in Luxembourg, this site is perfect for you.


Stay at Robbesscheier and enjoy activities with family: 

Not only is the Robbesscheier located in the middle of nature, but the former farmhouse has been repurposed into a beautiful hotel. It also offers many different activities, that both young and old, are sure to enjoy.

Check their website for more information.



© Robbesscheier

Farm stay in Fromburg: 

The Fromburg farm offers a relaxing and beautiful stay, surrounded by nature and different farm animals. During the summer, they offer guided tours and activities all over the farm, that you are sure to enjoy.


Stay at the Wooden houses of the “Escher Deierepark” 

The Escher “Deierepark” is not only a great place to see many different animals, but also has cool accommodations, such as treehouses! Not only did this treehouse hotel win a price for its modern and interesting spin on lodging, but it offers a lot of fun and a great view over the forest.



© Escher Banhaiser

Youth Hostels in Luxemburg: 

Unsure where else to stay? Check out this website to book a youth hostel of your choosing!


Belgium (in proximity of Luxembourg)

Interesting Stays in Wallonia: 

If you are heading to Wallonia, check out this website, as it shows all the unique and interesting places you can visit.



© Unsplash

Unusual Stays in Wallonia: 

If you prefer a more unique accommodation, check out this list of different strange accommodations in Wallonia that are sure to wow you, your friends, and family.


Natural Staysin Wallonia: 

If you prefer to stay in a more nature ridden area, this site’s got you covered. Showing the most beautiful natural locations in Wallonia, you are sure to find a nice place to stay.


Domain in Walloniaclose to Luxembourg: 

The Domain of Chevetogne offers tons of interesting activities and is in the middle of nature. Not only that, but it is close to Luxembourg too! You are sure to enjoy this beautiful area!



© domainedechevetogne

Nature Stayin Ardenne Insolite: 

The nature stay in Ardenne Insolite is truly a unique one; you get to stay in a see-through dome for the night! Although it is probably not the best for people who value their privacy, it is a unique and interesting experience.



© ardenneinsolite

Nutchel, Martelange:

The beautiful forest setting and cosy cabins of Nutchel, Martelange, are sure to enchant you and your fellow travellers.



© nutchel.be

Nature House:

This website shows the different cottages and vacation homes located in the middle of the forest in Belgium. If you want a quiet, peaceful, relaxing stay, this site is made for you!


Farm staysin Wallonia: 

If you want to stay a night on a farm in Wallonia, check out this website.


Stay at Pairi Daiza Resort: 

At the Pairi Daiza resort, you can stay in a lodge that gives you a view over some of the most interesting animals, such as wolves, bears or even polar bears! If you like zoos, you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay here!



© Ellen van den Bouwhuysen

France (in proximity of Luxembourg)

Some ideas for France, not very far from Luxembourg include:

Nuits insolites: 

Even in France you get to sleep in domes! Check out this site if you want to see the different cabins available in France.


Park Sainte-Croix: 

This resort offers many different accommodations, all with the common theme of watching animals. You can rent tree houses, or just a lodge with views of the wolf enclosure.



© parcsaintecroix

Bol d’Air in the Vosges:

Not only is this hotel a tree house, but it offers many fun activities, such as tree climbing and zip lines!


Camping in Alsace and Grand Est:

If you are planning on camping in Alsace or Grand Est, make sure to check out this site for information on locations.



© explore-grandest

Cabins du Goutty in Alsace:

If you are staying in Alsace, why not rent one of these cabins? Not only is it a beautiful location, but it offers many activities for both young and old.



© cabanesdugoutty

La cabane en l’air:

If you want to stay in the forest near Lorraine, make sure to check out this site for one of their three wonderful cabins. Not only is the forest beautiful, but the cabins have a nice, homely charm.


Domaine “Les Béliers”: 

Not only do you have a fantastic view of the valley when you stay in these treehouses in Lorraine, but they are in the middle of nature, offering you the opportunity to go climbing and for a walk.



Germany (in proximity of Luxembourg)

Unusual locations in Saarland:

If you want to have an interesting stay in Saarland, make sure to check this site for the different unusual lodgings available.


Center Parks in Germany: 

On this site, you will find the different Center Park resorts available in Germany; not only are they in the middle of nature, but they offer many fun activities that you are sure to enjoy.


Saarschleifen lodge: 

The Saarschleifen lodge offers both Cabins and tree houses in the middle of nature. And not only that, it also offers various great and interesting activities that you  are sure to love!


Camping sites in Rheinland Pfalz: 

If you want to enjoy a getaway into the beauty of hills and valleys, the glamping sites in Rheiland Pfalz are sure to make you happy!


Accommodations in the Eifel National Park: 

On this site you will see all the different accommodations that are available in and near the Eifel national park. Not only is the park itself fascinating and interesting, but the area is absolutely beautiful and stunning.



© nationalpark-eifel

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