TravelmatKanner’s favorite and handy list of initiatives that promote learning through activities in nature in Luxembourg.

Let’s explore all the different options available together.

Natur & Umwelt

A fantastic online resource but also an organization that focuses on protecting the biodiversity of the natural environment by concrete actions, events and sensibilization of the general public.

A complete pedagogical offer is also included with activities aimed at schools and maison relais.

There is also a fantastic club for kids from 6 to 12 years : the Regulus Junior Club offering many activities and experiences in nature: the current offering until September 2022 can be found here.

Under the auspice of the Nature & Umwelt, there are also many other venues and organizations which organize activities for children, open days, and festivals, so more people can learn about the importance of the environment and its protection.

Maison de la Nature in Kockelsheuer

Centre des Soins : Rescue Center for wildlife in Dudelange

Centre de culture écologique de Schwebsange with its Mediterranean Garden

Le Moulin de Kalborn

Actually this is not so well known, but you can book a guided tour with a biologist who will explain to you and the children everything about the importance of life that is found in Luxembourg's rivers and lakes. The visit is interactive, so you and your children will be given the opportunity to explore it all using microscopes! The nature setting around the mill is just breathtaking…definitely recommend it.

BIODIVERSUM in Remerschen

One of our favourite spots for a stroll around the beautiful lake and a visit inside the beautiful and unusual building "Biodiversum", where we learn all about local plants and animals in a very interactive way. Plenty of space to learn, taste, smell and discover everything with all of your senses!

Highly recommend it at all times of the year.


Nature Conservation Syndicate SICONA not only organizes physical events for kids but also has lovely online material that suggests lots of activities in nature.The extracurricular activities take place on school-free afternoons or during the school holidays. A wide range of different topics is offered, and some of them incorporate the use of natural materials.

The languages are primarily German, Luxembourgish and French.

The activities for kids are for free, usually taking place between 2:30 and 5:00pm and you can find all information right here.

The Nature Centre and Forest Ellergronn

Ellergronn is an amazing place to hike or just to enjoy the forest: You can explore the nature by yourself or with your family. You can also participate in the activities organized by the Nature Centre that's on the spot. There's also a beautiful lake that you can visit. During spring time the small pond is full of dragonflies, frogs and many other amazing things that you can only witness if you go there and visit.

More information can be found here.


It would take almost the whole article to give in detail all the activities, events and experiences organized by Naturpark Our. Simply visit the website and choose what mostly meets yours and your family’s needs and preferences. Definitely a lovely online platform that is available in German and French.

PANDA CLUB for Children by the Museum of Natural History

If your children do not know yet about Panda Club, it’s time to make an introduction! Panda Club is a club for children where they learn about natural sciences, environment, biology, chemistry etc., either through organized activities or the printed magazine that your child receives after registering with Panda Club. There's also the monthly challenge that Panda Club organizes, which involves being active in nature, to observe, to collect and to learn things in a fun and interesting way.

Scouting in Luxembourg

If your child wishes to learn outdoor skills - such as camping, woodcraft, hiking or backpacking, why not join the scouts?
Skills like that definitely come in handy in a country like Luxembourg!

If that might be of interest to you then this is a good starting point.

Maison Relais of the Montessori School in Hobscheid.

The Maison Relais offers great holiday camps with a wide range of activities in nature, while accepting cheque-service.

For more information visit their website.


A relative new initiative in Luxembourg with the aim to create a forest kindergarten! Forest Kids organizes activities in nature for families with children and has even co-organized a family friendly walk at the Planets Trail together with TravelmatKanner, which was great fun for everyone!

An initiative that is worth knowing and supporting.


Another new initiative aiming to organize workshops and learning experiences for small and old in the forest, which you definitely need to learn more about. Go ahead and follow them on social media to stay updated!


Life in the wild, tinkering workshops, events surrounded by nature and much more will be coming by OTIUM for both children and adults. Stay tuned!

Nature school (Naturschoul) La Sauvage

As per the website: Since 1988, the Lasauvage nature school has been a regional centre for environmental education in southwestern Luxembourg.

The primary objective of the school is to make children, schoolchildren, students and teenagers aware of their natural environment, while offering education in nature during all of the seasons.

The nature school strives to convey to children from an early age on the joy and pleasure of discovering nature and to awaken in them the love for nature and the desire to protect it.


Naturzait offers workshops in nature and around the theme of the environment for kids, families and adults.

The activities of Naturzait happen around the Farm of Fromburg, which is situated in the natural park of Mullerthal, another beautiful spot for picturesque sights and hikes!

EMWELT official website of Luxembourg about environment

The official website of Luxembourg about the environment is a rich resource of information about nature and the surrounding activities and initiatives to preserve it. It's always good to add it to your favourites and stay updated!


Rustling forests and beautiful views can be found in the small town of Steinfort, where Mirador, a great educational venue is located. Often visited by schools, you can also visit the centre individually. Just make a call first before you go, as the opening hours may differ from what is listed on the website.


It's all about birds in this beautiful natural reserve, where you can have a guided tour and visit the place together with your children. They can learn and understand more about birds, their migration journey to / from and through Luxembourg, but also all the species that are specifically local to Luxembourg.

A wonderful learning experience for nature enthusiasts, in the middle of lush greenery.


Ever thought of a Creche/Kindergarden that is surrounded by a forest? Search no more! Child Forest welcomes little explorers in the city of Tetange (Kayl) in Luxembourg, where outdoor activities take place all year round!

Forest preschool (Bëschklass) - Forest crèche (Bëschcrèche)

Exactly as the name says; here you can live out your love for nature and all the benefits surrounding it from an early age on.

For more information click here.

In case  I have forgotten to list an initiative, please let us know in the comments.

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