During childhood, chances are high that kids will develop an interest in LEGO, Playmobil or Dinosaurs - or all three!

And apart from playing with them, there are several other experiences for children to enjoy their favourites in and around Luxembourg.


Lego Discovery Center in Brussels, Belgium

A brand new venue for the LEGO lovers and not only that has everything for a fun day: many bricks of course, 4D Cinema, Mini Word, Creative Club, Play area Build Adventures, Minifigure Creator, LEGO Café, the Tree of Imagination, Spaceship Build and Scan, Workshops and even a Duplo Park for the smaller children.

I know, you are reading this and you are already planning your next visit to Brussels. After all, it is not so far from Luxembourg.

More information about this amazing LEGO experience here.

Lego Store Saarbrücken, Germany

Although it is a LEGO store, it has nice play corners, the staff is very friendly and children can really spend some quality time inside the store to play with LEGOS. Like this they will also forget that you spend the rest of the day shopping and they are tired…just kidding…

You can find more information here.


Bricks4Kidz.lu offers workshops and activities, children birthday parties and holiday camps, with LEGO Bricks and is located in our Luxembourg. My kids loved it and I think your kids will like it too.

You can check all the details here.

Legoland, Germany

Not so close to Luxembourg but makes a great destination for a longer weekend.

Children will love it, adults too.

More details here.

Legoland Discovery Center (Indoors), Germany

Approximately a three-hour drive away from Luxembourg, and can be combined with a trip to beautiful Dusseldorf which is lovely during the holiday period in December.

More information here.

Useful Link on Lego Expos

This website lists all the LEGO Expositions in France, Belgium and Switzerland

Lego Expo in Paris, France (until 25 September 2022)

This is a great event because it also showcases how LEGO bricks have inspired artists around the world.

Plus a trip to Paris is always a good idea. Find information here.

Lego Expo in Mulhouse, France (until 6 November 2022)
More information on this right here.


Playmobil Fun Park, Germany

This theme park is located in Zirndorf near Nuremberg and would make a great addition to your family holidays in Bavaria.

More information here.

Playmobil Fun Park, near Paris, France

This one is closer than the one in Germany, this time near Paris, France. The official website is currently under construction but you can find useful information here.

Useful Link for Playmobild Expos in France, Belgium and Switzerland


Children and adults can enjoy dinosaurs in many natural history museums around Luxembourg, for example, in Brussels and Paris.

However our list here has some Dinosaur Parks where you can see real life dinosaur animatronics, offering a more interactive visit than most museums for your dinosaur-obsessed little ones.

Dino Park Teufelsschlucht, Germany

The most well known Dinosaur Park near Luxembourg is the Dino Park Teufelsschlucht.

Very close to Echterrnach, in Germany, this outdoors dinosaur park displays various dinosaurs in real life size with information given in playful ways. It has playgrounds for children and areas where the children can dig fossils, it organises workshops, has a small shop around the theme of dinosaurs, and a family friendly restaurant. In addition it is surrounded by beautiful nature.

A trip to the park could be combined with a visit to Echternach lake or a hike in the natural area of Teufelsschlucht.

Evening events are organised also when the park is beautifully illuminated.

You can find all the information to plan your next visit here.

Gondwana - Das Prehistorium, Germany

A great interactive museum about dinosaurs, with a great indoors playground, family friendly restaurant and a nice show with dinosaurs that almost feels like a real Jurassic Park.

In the area you can also visit the Wassergarten der Grube Reden. As described on the website,it has five cascade-like pools of water splash, murmur and steam over a total of 29,000 square meters for the eyes and ears of visitors.

New Dinosaur Park, France

A new Dinosaur Park in the style of Jurassic Park is opening at the end of June in Chem, des Pêcheurs, 59210 Coudekerque-Branche, near Lille and Dunkirk, France.

You can watch this (French) YouTube Video for more information.

Useful links for temporary dinosaur expos

These links are useful as they contain information about Dinosaur Interactive Expos in Europe.

Brussels, Belgium

Keep an eye on this website, the expo will be back soon!

For France

This website lists dinosaur expositions in France.

For Europe click here.

Hope this is useful! If you know any other experiences, let us know in the comments.

Happy Explorations :-)