This week, TravelmatKanner picks the best bridges and mazes you can cross with children on foot in and around Luxembourg.

This article was inspired by our previous one featuring a suspended bridge in Germany and an article on the top 5 bridges to be crossed in Luxembourg which you can read here.

Believe it or not, there are 1,271 bridges in Luxembourg! Amazing, isn’t it?

I do not know about you, but for me bridges are a symbol of connection but also of historical memory. They also always boost an engineering and architectural interest which I think can fascinate both adults and children. Bridges connect lands but above all they connect people.

Mazes on the other hand always exist in mythologies, fairy tales, and legends in almost every country. For a child, going inside a maze can feel amazing - it might be a bit scary but it's definitely an experience to remember.

Oh yes, and before we start, keep this list handy next time you have family or friends visiting you in Luxembourg from other countries. If you take them to these places, trust me, they will be amazed... but first you can try them out yourself.

Favourite bridges in Luxembourg

My three favourite bridges in Luxembourg are the little bridge in the Grund, the Schiessentumpel in Mullerthal and the little stone bridge in Vianden, one of the most beautiful towns of Luxembourg (in my humble opinion).

In my family we particularly like the bridge in the Grund at night with fog in winter. There is definitely some magic in this beautiful corner of our Luxembourg standing on that bridge, on a quiet winter evening, with the winter lights on and little houses around. Try it and you will remember me.

The Schiessentumpel in Petite Suisse of Luxembourg is world famous and if you haven’t crossed it yet with the children now it’s the time to do it.

All information is here.

For the Vianden bridge Ourbrücke there is only recommendation: visit Vianden and have a drink by the river while you look at this lovely stone bridge. Pure bliss!

Bridges outside Luxembourg

1. Wooden bridge at Irrel Waterfalls - Germany 

Unfortunately this amazing wooden bridge was heavily impacted by the floods of July 2021. It has been a favourite for many hikers, offering beautiful views of the running water, leading to hiking trails in the Teufelschlucht area and making a great combination for a day trip together with Echternach Lake or the Dinosaur Park in Teufelschlucht.

Even if you can not cross it right now, I would highly recommend to keep checking the website regularly as there are plans for new access road and crossing of the rapids.


© TravelmatKanner

2. Le Pont de Claies – Laforet, Belgium 

This bridge is only in place from June to September, when the waters are low. Located in a popular hiking area, it is charming, made of wood without any handrails, and makes a perfect spot for nice Instagram-worthy family photos.

3. Suspension Bridge - Geierlay, Germany 

The source of inspiration for this article, the bridge in Geierlay featured in our previous article, and will definitely be appreciated by those seeking adventure.

All the information is here. Enjoy!

4. Citadel/Fortress of Longwy - France

The bridge entering the Fortress of Longwy is really impressive; you can either walk on top of the bridge or below the bridge. Children will enjoy the big green space under the bridge, to run, to explore, to see how big the bridge is and to climb some trees.


Longwy / © TravelmatKanner

5. Passerelle du Moulin de L'Epine, Bouillon, Belgium

Another nice suspension bridge, smaller than the one in Germany but equally beautiful, in a lovely area in Bouillon, Belgium. Surrounded by beautiful nature, it can serve as an initiation for crossing suspension bridges for the little ones. Don’t forget your camera!

Mazes in the region

And once you've crossed all the bridges, enter the labyrinths.

The journey starts here:

1. Le Labyrinthe, Durbuy, Belgium            

The Labyrinth of Barvaux is a 10-minute drive from Durbuy, in the village of Barvaux-sur-Ourthe.

It's a huge, interactive, beautiful maze that will mesmerise children and adults near the smallest city of the world, Durbuy.

2. Chateau Sainte Sixte, France 

A beautiful castle, nested in nature, with a big corn maze which opens in summer time but also for evenings and Halloween. The castle can be visited as a family, and offers additional activities like mini golf, barefoot path, treasure hunt and nice nocturnes.

For all information check the website: the season starts 12 June, so today!

3. Sunshine Pumpkin Farm, Germany 

This beautiful corn maze only opens in October but it’s never too late to dream about your Halloween adventures with the children. It also has a great pumpkin patch where you can choose and pick your own pumpkins.

4. La Ferme Adventure, France 

Not one but five different labyrinths to discover here, including a maze of senses and a corn maze.

La Ferme Adventure is ideal for those that love to walk barefoot and is located in a beautiful area in the Vosges.

All details are here.


© 100% Vosges

5. Corn maze in Luxembourg 

Yes, there was even a corn maze in Luxembourg in previous years.

Maybe it will come back…Keep an eye out here.

6. Labyrinthe De Maïs Montmédy, France

Only an hour's drive from Luxembourg, this corn maze will open from 6 July until 31 August.

All information is here.

7. Corn Maze Eutingen, Germany 

This corn maze is not so close to Luxembourg - it is approximately 3 hours' drive, but if you are heading towards Stuttgart this summer, you can find it on the way.

It starts on 16 July and goes until 18 September 2022

Information and details here.

Happy explorations!

We hope that you will find your way out of the mazes and the labyrinths, because we will have plenty more adventures in store.