Who knew you could do all these activities in Luxembourg and the greater region?

These ten unique activities and experiences are good fun with or without children, so there's no excuse for not giving them a go!

1. Cross a suspension bridge

One is not so far from Luxembourg. The Geierlay suspension bridge is located between Morsdorf and Sosberg in Germany. The bridge can only be reached on foot or by bicycle. It's just over a kilometre's amble from the parking area. Would you cross it?

How about crossing it like this lady?

2. Take care of a pony 


Just chilling. / © Unsplash

Animals are for life, not just for short breaks. However, if all you've got is a short break then here's the chance for a family to take care of a lovely pony - from the day you arrive until the day you leave.

Pony Park City in the Netherlands trusts you with the care of a beautiful pony, who you will take for walks in the forest, at the beach, and so on. The site offers loads of activities for families, all based on the theme of ponies and the wild west.

3. Sleep in a planetarium


Sleeping in a planetarium is the perfect place to spot the stars. / © Unsplash

Two lucky guests can spend the night at the Ardennes Observatory in Belgium, including breakfast the next day and a two hour astronomy experience with a guide. So you can sleep soundly and get to see the stars!

4. Dinner in the sky

From 10 to 19 June 2022 you can enjoy a dinner in the sky in Brussels. I did it myself some years ago in Europapark in Germany, and must admit it's an amazing experience.

5. Discover Wallonia's only saffron farm

Personally I was amazed to learn that saffron is produced in Belgium, and even more surprised to find that it is possible to visit the farm where the saffron is grown. I believe this is a unique experience and well worth a try!

6. Visit the palace of the only Grand Duchy in the world


Sumptuous sights abound in the Grand Ducal Palace. / © LCTO

You may not realise that little old Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy on the planet. But lo and behold, it really is!

The Grand Ducal Palace can be visited in summer time, with dates announced here. I really enjoyed my visit and can highly recommend it.

7. Search for the Mini Stonehenge of Luxembourg


The original Stonehenge is on Salisbury Plain in England. / © Unsplash

This one's an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle enveloped within a conundrum of a riddle. Or it's just a quick internet search away. Search for "Neolithikum Luxembourg"... that's all I can tell you. Okay, also that it's located in Lorentweiler. You're welcome.

8. Sleep in Alcatraz Prison


This is a picture of the real Alcatraz. The German version features king-size beds, high-speed internet access and a breakfest buffet. A bit of a step up, then! / © Unsplash

Well, kind of. In Kaiserlautern, Germany, you'll find the Alcatraz Hotel. It's next to the peaceful Japanese Garden (Ed: maybe that's a nicer option?). If you want to experience a night in a cell without any of the longer-term consequences, Alcatraz Hotel is the place to be. Don't tell me you knew about this already?

9. Enjoy the lavender fields of Provence... without going to Provence


It's purple and it smells nice. What's not to love? / © Unsplash

Lavender smells divine and to enjoy it you do not need to drive too far. The lavender fields of Hasselt in Belgium are amazing, and just two hours' drive from the Grand Duchy.

10. Pinocchio comes to a town near you


Pinocchio's coming to town, honest. / © Unsplash

From 4 to 21 August 2022, in the park of Castle Beloeil in Belgium, a magical night festival will take place with marionette shows, aerial acrobatics, jugglers, fire artists, dancers and more. The purpose of this extravaganza? To bring to life a piece of wood who will become a boy named Pinocchio.

It's all run by the talented folks at Les Nocturnales, who go the extra mile to create a sense of wonder.

Happy Explorations!