Play is SO important for a happy childhood but also for adulthood and while I know that old toys and dolls may not be everyone’s cup of tea..

..but I have noticed on several occasions that children are often fascinated by them. Maybe because visiting grandparents houses and attics can be so fascinating, mysterious and full of surprises no? Children view the world through their eyes, so I thought to give you a handy list for toys and dolls museum in and around Luxembourg.

The good news is most of them are in beautiful cities, towns and locations so both adults and children can enjoy the visit.

And actually now that I am thinking of it: dollhouses can be really fascinating!! It is also a fun way for the children to learn about history and the past and see how similar or how different are the toys of today. Not to mention that toy making and dolls manufacturing is part of the European culture and heritage so museums like these are indeed important and also fun to explore 😊

Let’s start our journey:


Toys Museum Clervaux

This is a private collection and visits can be arranged upon request.

It can be combined with a visit to the beautiful town of Clervaux and its castle.

You can arrange the visit here.

Musee Possen Schengen

In the beautiful Schengen, a nice rural museum with two main sections.

One dedicated to the Luxembourg rural life and wine making and the other section is dedicated to toys and dolls.  It is really an interesting collection of old toys and dolls and it also connects us with the life in Luxembourg in the past so as an expat I must say that I really enjoyed that aspect. Workshops and birthday parties can also be arranged.

For details and book your visit, click here.


Musee du Jouet et de l’Enfant de Ferrieres

A lovely toys and dolls museum with amazing dollhouses approximately 1h 15min driving from the Luxembourg border to Belgium. There are more than 1500 toys from the 19th century to today. Guided tours can be organized and at the end of the visit a nice play area is offered to the families to finish the visit in a fun and amusing way.

You can find additional information here.

Ardennes Culture Boulevard


An very interesting exhibition of antique dolls, porcelain dolls and maybe the only museum in the world that has two addresses as it is located exactly on the Belgian and German border

Hergersberg 1

4760 Bullingen


Prümer Strasse 55

53940 Losheim/Eifel


As mentioned on the website:’’ Approximately 200 antique porcelain, wax, papier-mâché, wood and celluloid dolls from 1800 to 1940, as well as selected modern character and ethnological artist dolls, are lovingly staged. Embedded in the walk-in, old alley where you can admire a grocery store in the imposing stucco house, the good old living room of a wealthy family in the imperial era, a historic kitchen and, for example, the doll doctor in his workshop. ‘’

Dolls are staged which makes it even more special but what is also remarkable about Ardennes Culture Boulevard is that it has also other sections, one dedicated to one of the biggest collection of cribs, one to minerals, one to model trains and one gallery with paintings.

It is certain that no one will be bored in this interesting venue.

For more information visit the website.

Toys Museum Brussels

Although it seems this museum is currently closed until further notice, I decided to add it on the list in case it reopens as it has really the grandparents attic feeling.

More information here.

Hahn, Belgium

Before or after visiting Grottes de Hahn, I suggest you to visit also Museum Han 1900

It is actually a museum for old professions but includes also toys and in general it is a very interesting one to see with the kids. I can say we were very happily surprised with this museum as it was the first time we visited Grottes de Han and we had no idea of its existence. We saw it walking to the entrance of caves and animal park and thought to enter. It was really worth visiting.

More information here.


Jouets Petitcollin Sàrl, 2 Rue des Fontangues, 55400 Étain, France

This is not purely a museum, it is a dolls manufacturer, where it is possible to visit the museum and learn more about the art of doll making. This is actually the last French manufacturer still operating making dolls, so I believe it is definitely worth a visit and support to keep the tradition going.

For more information visit the website.

Musee du jouet, Poissy.

In 30 minutes from Paris, this  museum organizes many events for children and visitors around the theme of toys and doll making.

During the visit the children receive nice activity booklet based on their age and currently and until 03 July 2022 there is an nice non permanent exposition “Jardins d’Enfance” which takes the visitors to a journey through the outdoors and garden play starting from 1850.

For more information visit here.

Alsace is such a beautiful area and a very popular touristic destination especially during the festive December period. In Alsace 2 toys museums we are listing here :

Musee du Jouet, Colmar

Maybe one of the most important toys museums in our area. A fantastic collection of different types of toys, a beautiful display, an area to play different games, including marionets mini theatre for children and more. Interesting non – permanent exhibitions, including one on the history of airplanes until 18 September 2022.

For more information click here. 


In Alsace area there is also La Nef des Jouets

This museum is actually a private collection that opens its doors to the public, 1100m2 of exposition, 2 spaces for children to play, the museum also organizes a second hand market for toys and miniatures and dolls and attracts many visitors and collectors.

For more information visit the website.



Germany has a long history and tradition in toys making and there are amazing toys museum throughout the country. This link has actually many ideas if you wish to explore more as our list below has the main ones not very far from Luxembourg.

Spielzeugmuseum/Toys Museum Trier

You can not imagine how many times me and my family visited Trier and we never entered the Toys Museum. So one day during one of the visits we decided to enter. And we are were actually astonished with the exhibits. Many nice toys and dolls, model trains and also play areas and corners for the children it was indeed a very pleasant visit and we definitely recommend it in one of your shopping and leisure trips to Trier.

More information here.

Doll and Clock Museum Bernkastel-Kues

As per website: About 200 dolls and teddy bears and more than 60 clocks have found a home on 180 m². All exhibits date from the period between 1770 and 1960.

So indeed this is a great journey back to the history of toys and dolls. And it is also located in Bernkastel-Kues one of the most beautiful town on the Moselle with a beautiful Christmas Market.

The toys museum of Kloster Machern, Bernkastel-Kues

Kloster Machern we found out completely by luck with my family when we visited Zylinderhaus with the antique cars. We were looking for a place to have lunch and we drove to Kloster Machern that has a great restaurant, café, beautiful gardens and also (who knew!) a toys museum. It is actually quite nice for children as it has also LEGO permanent exhibition and play areas as well as interactive quizzes for the children that makes it very fun for them.

Next time you are in the are of Bernkastel-Kues consider visiting Kloster Machern, I am sure you will like it a lot.

For more information click here.

Junges Museum Frankfurt

As per the website: The Playroom presents toy animals, toys and games from children and from the Historical Museum's toy collection. Of course many of the games here are hands-on and can be tried out on the spot.

Sounds great ! For more information on the website.

Spielzeugmuseum Kunsterbunt

A small museum in case you are in the area of Hasselbach, approximately 2hrs driving from Luxembourg.


Spielzeughaus, Museum and Cafe in Freinsheim, appr.2hrs 20 min driving from Luxembourg

It is definitely worth the visit as it is dedicate to one of the biggest toy manufacturing families of Germany as well as it has the only known functional example of the suspension railway of Wuppertal amongst other nice collections.

For more information visit here.

Last but not least at EUROPA PARK, somewhere within the park there is a nice display with dolls, clothes for dolls etc…do you remember where?


And here our journey to Toys and Dolls museums in and around Luxembourg comes to an end.

Hope you enjoyed the article 😊  If you have more suggestions please let us know we will be happy to include it.

Wishing you great explorations and enjoying, playing, and discovering with the children.

We will be in touch again soon with more fun and interesting ideas through RTL Today.

With love,