Whether they're a whizz kid, music maestro, sporting hero, or just need space to unwind, find inspiration for extra-curricular activities in Luxembourg.

Your first port of call should be to check with your child's school, as many establishments have a range of enrichment activities in sports, citizenship and the arts.

Most municipalities also offer subsidised activities for kids. Children who attend public primary schools in Luxembourg City, for instance, can access a wide programme of extra-curriculars.

However, if you don't mind travelling, or are looking to broaden your child's imagination or skills with a new activity, here's some suggestions from across the Grand Duchy.

1. Join the scrum

From age 6, kids can try rugby and get their studs stuck into the muddy ground. Clubs include CSCE in Kirchberg, Rugby Club Luxembourg near Cessange, Rugby Eagles in Kopstal and Rugby Club Walferdange. Juniors start off learning the basics with touch rugby, which doesn't involve any tackles to the ground.

2. Slow things down

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art typified by slow, graceful movements. While often practiced by adults looking for a gentle form of exercise, it's also suitable for kids, who can benefit from the balance and body awareness practice. Taiji Qigong Luxembourg offers tai chi classes for adults and children in Dudelange, Berchem, Reckange-Mess and Luxembourg City.

3. Lob a ball towards someone's face at high speed

Having played lacrosse at university, I'd say that's a fair description of this fun and fast-paced, if somewhat niche, sport. Luxembourg Lacrosse aim to popularise the sport across the Grand Duchy, and run a youth lacrosse academy for girls and boys at Lycée Guillaume Kroll in Esch-sur-Alzette.

4. Get close to nature

The Museum of Natural History run a weekly club for 6 to 10 year olds who love nature (in French, German and Luxembourgish). Members of the Panda Club build ponds, learn to make apple juice, or observe a mushroom through a microscope. Older children can benefit from the workshops run by the Science Club (again, unfortunately not in English).

5. Shoot some b-balls

If your child wants to try their hand at basketball, there are teams up and down the country. BBC North Fox in Clervaux in the north, for instance, have training classes from age 4, while BC Mess in Reckange-sur-Mess have six junior teams. Find your local basketball club here.

6.Pop, lock and hip hop it

Hip hop dancing has become popular in dance schools across the Grand Duchy. For instance, Li Marteling in the capital offers hip hop from age 8, while FlashDance offers kids hip hop classes at their studios in Bertrange and further north in Ettelbruck. In Mersch, Art in Motion specialise in hip hop and contemporary dance.

7. Begin the path to grand-mastery

Chess Stars in Bivange offers children's chess lessons from beginner level, in English or French. Chess Club Stroossen in Strassen also offers kids lessons. One of the trainers at Stroossen is Grandmaster Yannick Pelletier. Gambit Bonnevoie Chess Club also have an experienced team of trainers, including Grandmaster Peter Arnaudov teaching more advanced classes.

8. Strum and pluck the 'jumping flea'


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'Jumping flea' is a rough translation of the Hawaiian word ukulele - a small guitar-like instrument which in fact originates on the Portuguese island Madeira. Rock University in the capital offer ukulele lessons, as well as more common instruments such as guitar, piano and drums.

9. Build 3D clay art

Just across the border from Remich, in Nennig, Germany, Signe Art Studio offer clay modelling courses for kids in English. They also offer general art classes to unleash your child's creative potential. In the capital, Luxembourg-based artist Sonya Soyer runs classes for 6 to 12 year olds.

10. Hit the links

Tiger Woods' father famously claimed that Tiger started learning golf age 11 months. That's probably a bit young for most, but if your little one does want to join the 'clubs' club, Golf School Luxembourg offer group classes from age 6, while iKri8 do monthly painting and drawing sessions from age 5 at their atelier in Roodt.

11. Squash this sport into your schedule

Top Squash in Sandweiler have group squash classes three times a week, from age 4. They also organise junior tournaments and run holiday camps in collaboration with Little Lions. To find a club local to you, check the directory on the Luxembourg Squash League's website.

12. Move seamlessly with ball, rope, clubs, hoop or ribbon

Rhythmic gymnastics is on offer at Rythmo-Cats in Luxembourg City. They encourage budding gymnasts to start young, with parent and toddler classes beginning at 18 months. However, beginners' classes run right up to age 15 for demonstrations. Outside the capital, try GRS in Differdange, or Rhythmica Lux in Schuttrange.

Have you tried any of these places, or had a noteworthy experience somewhere else and would like to share it? Please send an email titled 'Evening and weekend clubs for kids' to content(at)RTL(dot)lu.