Whip out your bathing suit and hop in the car - here are 6 excellent water parks to help you cool down in the summer heat!

We've already covered some of the fantastic pools (including ones with slides and other fun stuff) available in Luxembourg, but if you want a slightly more intense water experience (more slides and what have you) you'll have to drive beyond the border. Here are some of our favourites, in order of distance from Luxembourg City.

Cascade (DE) - 54km

Cascade in Bitburg is probably the closest proper 'adventure swim' you will find with slides for all ages, jacuzzis, waterfalls, etc. More info right here.

Prices depend on how long you want to stay, and range from €2.30/3.50 (under/over 17 years of age) for an hour, to €5.30/8.20 for a day.


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Walygator (FR) - 65km

Okay, okay, this isn't strictly a water park so much as a full-blown amusement park.. BUT it's nearby, and they have a fair few slides and other water-based attractions. Consider this one a bonus. More info here. Prices vary depending on your family configuration and what you want to do while there - more on that here.

Center Parcs Bostalsee (DE) - 97km

While this is more of a family getaway park when people tend to go for a few days and rent a cabin, you don't actually have to stay in the park to use 'aqua park'. It features a wave, children's, and outdoor pools as well as jacuzzis, and several slides of varying levels of intensity. It's also situated by a lake where you can swim, paddle boat, or kayak. More info here.

€17 for adults, €10/11 for kids depending  on if they're over or under 12 years of age.


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Center Parcs Les Ardennes (BE) - 97km

Same deal as above, but in Belgium. More information here. Similar prices to Bostalsee.

Center Parcs les Trois Forets (FR) - 157km

Another Center Parcs offering, their Aquamundo is pretty impressive. With both outdoor and indoor (under a huge glass dome in a 'tropical' setting) it offers lots of slides, a wave pool, jacuzzis, and water features. A very good day out! More info here.

Aqualibi (BE) - 188km

A proper, dedicated water park and not too far away! Not only do they have lots of pools and fun water features for the smaller ones, they've also got a selection of slides for all ages - including ones that parents will sneak on more than once while the other watches the kids. Top tip: bring another friend or relative with you to babysit so you can disappear for a couple of hours. Clickety-click right here for more info.

Prices vary a bit depending on the day you visit, but shouldn't be more than €22 for adults (or anyone over 140cm), €18 for medium-sized kids (120-140cm), or €8.50 for the wee ones (100-120cm).


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