UNICEF Luxembourg’s Paul Heber joined Sam Steen in the studio to discuss 'World Children’s Day', celebrating children’s rights in Luxembourg.

Listen-in as they discuss the event – “a fun day with a serious message” - the history of UNICEF’s work and the activities surrounding UNICEF’s efforts on the day, as well as the ever important Convention on the Rights of the Child (and how it works in action).



You’ll also hear more details for young people in Luxembourg interested in becoming youth ambassadors for UNICEF, along with the obligations and projects associated with the role. There’s also still time for schools and NGOs to sign up for activities, toolkits, exhibitions, and more, to 'Go Blue' for children’s rights this year.

You can listen to the full interview on RTL Play or via the player below. For more information on World Children's Day, please visit UNICEF's Luxembourg's website here.

World Children's Day - Unicef's Paul Heber joins the show.