An emotionally charged play that sheds light on the heartache and resilience of mothers whose children are on the front lines in Ukraine.

The world-renowned Ukrainian theatre producer, director, playwright, and scenographer Vlad Troitsky, in the company of Lukraine's Olena Neskorodiana, recently sat down with Melissa and Laura to delve into the much-anticipated play "Mother’s Heart," scheduled to take the stage at the Escher Theater on 11 October.

You can listen to the full interview on RTL Play or via the player below.

Lukraine: "Mother’s Heart" play at Escher Theatre

"Mother’s Heart" isn't just a theatrical production; it's a deeply moving depiction of the heartache and determination of mothers whose children find themselves on the front lines. The narrative elegantly weaves together personal messages from Ukrainian mothers to their sons during Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. These include poignant letters from women in bomb shelters in Mariupol and a grieving mother from Lviv who tragically lost both her sons in the conflict.

Vlad Troitsky, a cultural trailblazer and a passionate advocate of avant-garde theatre, is a prominent figure in the Ukrainian theatrical and cultural landscape. His commitment to pushing artistic boundaries is evident in "Mother’s Heart," promising an emotionally charged experience for the audience.

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From 9 to 20 October, Ukraine and Esch-sur-Alzette will host the UA Days festival, showcasing Ukrainian culture, history, and creative industries.

Best of luck, and don't miss the chance to catch the heartfelt performance of "Mother’s Heart" in Esch-sur-Alzette!