Welcome to the weekend! See a circus comedy musical, hear mythical ERA, visit the Distillery Museum, watch a Santa thriller or get illustrated gift cards.

1. See mythical ERA show

What: Rock, new-age and orchestral
Rockhal, 5 Av. du Rock'n'Roll, 4083 Esch-sur-Alzette - Google Maps
When: Friday, 9 December at 7pm - info & tickets

, the mythical rock and new-age project around Eric Lévi, is back for an extraordinary live show composed of 30 singers and musicians. 20 years after the group's first album - since then they have sold 12 million albums worldwide - ERA is ready to dazzle you again with its medieval setting and heroic fantasy.

2. Visit Distillery Museum

What: How is liquor made?
Distillery Museum, 13 Rue d'Olm, 8281 Kehlen - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 10 December between 10am-8pm - more info here

Have you always wanted to experience first-hand how gin is made? Head over to the Distillery Museum to discover the techniques and traditions of the art of distillation from its beginnings to the present day. There's a big party on Saturday with entertainment, guided tours, food and drinks fireplaces. Fun learning more about this traditional craft!


© Musée de la distillerie Kehlen

3. Get illustrated gift cards at exhibition

What: By local artist Liz Kummer
Kulturhaus Niederanven, 145 Rte de Trèves, 6940 Niederanven - Google Maps
When: Friday, 9 December between 8am-2pm, Saturday, 10 December between 2-5pm - more info here

Liz Kummer is a Luxembourgish artist known for her colourful digital illustrations of animals and women. Fascinated and inspired by distinct graphic compositions, she likes to experiment with reduced geometric shapes, various colour combinations and patterns. At the "Circle and Shapes" exhibition you'll find a selection of her private illustrations from the last two years. She also does illustrated wrapping paper and gift cards, just in time for Christmas!

4. Be surprised at circus comedy musical

What: Fun for young and old
Where: Opderschmelz, 1a Rue du Centenaire, 3475 Dudelange - Google Maps
When: Sunday, 11 November at 11am - info here

So you like circuses, comedy and musicals? This is just the right place to be over the weekend. Conni, Das Zirkusmusikal is a German production for young and old combining humour, music and acrobatics. Get your tickets ASAP, they are going fast.

5. Join Human Rights march

What: Light up the streets
Where: Place d'Armes - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 10 December at 5.30pm - more info here

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, Amnesty International hosts a human rights march, starting at 5.30 on Place d'Armes. The idea is to bring torches and lights to the streets of the city, to bring people whose rights are violated out of the shadows. There is also a letter-writing evening at 7pm at Forum Geesseknäppchen.


6. Watch Violent Night

What: Thriller Christmas movie
Where: Kinepolis, 45 Av. John F. Kennedy, 1855 Luxembourg - Google Maps
When: Various times - check schedule here

This editor was a bit reluctant putting this movie in after reading the title...but the trailer looks quite entertaining. A la Die Hard but with Santa Claus: An elite team of mercenaries breaks into a family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone hostage inside. However, they aren't prepared for a surprise combatant: Santa Claus is on the grounds.

7. Learn and practice sign language

What: Monthly gathering
Where: Escher Kafe, 55 Rue du Clair-Chêne, 4061 Esch-sur-Alzette - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 10 December between 7pm-1am - more info here

Once a month on a Saturday, people interested in learning sign language, as well as practicing it actively, are invited to the Gebärdensprache Kafé (sign language cafe). Between 7pm-1am, meet over a drink and learn the basics of the language, or get fully engaged in conversations as an advanced user.


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