Featuring skateboarding, art exhibitions, free concerns, brand exhibitions, free skate lessons, and a massive food village, LXB street is THE event.

The LXB concept is street skating but additionally includes ramps. Skaters will perform tricks over rails, ledges, staircases, and other obstacles typically found on streets. Think: less riding bowls, more rails to be conquered.

The competitors will perform tricks and be judged based up their ability and style to do such things as a ‘fakie’ and the ‘switch.’  For those in the dark: A ‘fakie’ is when you ride backward with your feet in your particular stance; when riding goofy and riding switch the nose of your board is in front, but when riding fakie the tail of your board is in front. The ‘Switch’ refers to riding the opposite direction than usual, in the opposite stance, and making it look normal. For example, a regular-foot skater riding goofy is riding switch, or a goofy-foot skater riding regularly is riding switch.

Their routine will last as 30 to 45 seconds. A team of 5 international expert judges will assess the performance based on the routine but the crowd reaction will also weigh heavily.

The highlights of the day will be a Saturday winner as well as a Sunday winner. There will be cash prizes throughout the day for different events.. and there's a whopping €20,000 in the prize money fund.

Things will kick off at 11 am on Saturday with free skate lessons for all ages. The food village will have something for everyone and Hennessey has already started laying a basketball court as part of the event. RTL Today Radio will be there playing cornhole and we hope anyone and everyone will stop by. At  7:30 pm there will be an apero in front of the philharmonie and following the apero, there will at 9:30 there will be an after party under the trees which will be put on by de gudde wellen.

RTL Today Radio interviewed chief organiser Tom Jungbluth

Tom Jungbluth sat down with Steps and Meredith (who are covering for our holidaying morning host Sam Steen) to chat about the event.

Tom Jungbluth - LXB Street

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Site plan

Just so you don't get lost, here's a quick overview of what you can find where!