Welcome to the weekend! We had to skip last week's edition due to sickness (sorry!), but we're back with loads of suggestions for the next few days!

1. Listen to Pippo Pollina & Palermo Acoustic Quintet

What: Italian songwriter
Cube521, 1-3 Driicht, 9764 Marnach - Google Maps
When: Friday, 18 March at 8pm - info & tickets

Even if you don't speak Italian, listening to the songwriting and singing of Pippo Pollina really soothes the soul. Whether lyrical ballads, poetic protest songs or rock songs, Pollina's songs fit every moment. He is one of the main contemporary representatives of modern Italian songwriting, and we're lucky to have him in Luxembourg together with his band.

2. Hear Sammy Vomácka Trio

What: Incredible guitarist
Neimenster, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg - Google Maps
Sunday, 20 March at 11am - info & tickets

Lovers of guitar and jazz are up for a treat this Sunday morning. Sammy Vomácka is coming to Neimenster with his trio to perform a great set of jazz standards. His fingers dance around the fretboard with such airiness, producing complex harmonies, all with a tight groove. As your editor's guitar teacher used to say, you either give up on your instrument after seeing gems like Sammy, or you pick it up and practice twice as hard.

3. Go hike and taste food menu

What: Explore surroundings & local bites
Clervaux train station - Google Maps
When: Kicks off this Sunday, 20 March at 9.15 - info & tickets

The good folks up in Clervaux have come up with a lovely event: go for a hike, and then get stuffed! For this third season of "Hiking meets local food", some changes have been made, however. While in most cases the traditional 3-course local menu at the end of the hike is offered, this year there are also hikes with a picnic inbetween, which allows for more routes that are further away from restaurants. There are different levels (easy-advanced), and the fee is €33 with three courses, €22 for the picnic and €12 for kids under 9. Info: This Sunday the brunch meal is served at Chloé, the restaurant of Hotel Koener.


4. Meet (and hear) the cello

What: Concert & presentation
Philharmonie, 1 Pl. de l'Europe, 1499 Luxembourg - Google Maps
When: Sunday, 20 March at 4pm (concert at 7pm) - info & tickets

They have made music history – not only as a section of one of the world’s pre-eminent orchestras. For five decades, the 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic have had a presence on playbills around the world as an independent ensemble, cultivating not only their very own sound, but something akin to a genre, having inspired countless new compositions and arrangements for their unusual combination of instruments. Reasons aplenty for a «Best of the last 50 years» programme – always with a wink and a nod. Before the twelve put bow to string at 7pm on March 20, they welcome a young audience at 4pm for their programme "Hello Cello!" - check the concert out here, and the children's programme here.


© Die 12 Cellisten

5. Get into the saddle of bike film festival

What: Short films
 Kinepolis, 45 Avenue J-F Kennedy, 1855 Luxembourg - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 19 March at 8pm - info & tickets

Luxembourg's annual bike film festival is back for one night only! On the programme are 8 films ranging from 3-25 minutes in length, covering many aspects of biking and cycling. Some films this year include DELTA OF SPIRIT (24 hours to cover 386km in Gravel in the state of Minnesota), VELOCIA (First documentary film entirely devoted to women's cycling) and COLORS OF MEXICO & SWITZERLAND PARADISE (two films about those countries from the perspective of two-wheelers).


6. See Pinocchio play

What: For children
Where: Neimenster, 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg - Google Maps
When: Sunday, 20 March at 4pm - info & tickets

The young boy Pinocchio is always on the lookout for an adventure! Most of us will know Pinocchio thanks to Walt Disney's animation film, but the original novel by Carlo Collodi has much more to share. Come down to Neimenster for a theatre play, as Pinocchio is thrown down a hazardous path in which he confronts his weaknesses...


7. Attend Le Vibe album release

What: Reggae party
The Flying Dutchman, 3 r. des Rochers - Kummel, 6310 Beaufort - Google Maps
Friday, 18 March at 8pm - info & tickets

Le Vibe presents their brand new concept album “TWODAY”! This second record is going back to the original reggae blend sound, while staying faithful to the genre-fluidity that Le Vibe is known for. They'll be joined by Zaltimband who are going to open the night with some fine Swing and Klezmer tunes. Party from start to end, guaranteed!

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