Welcome to the weekend! It's Buergbrennen season again (what is it? Read on!), live music is back, exhibits, dance and outdoor recommendations.

1. Discover films at Lux Film Fest

What: Annual film feast
Various film theatres across Lux City
When: Thursday, 3 March - Sunday, 13 March - info & tickets

The Luxembourg City Film Festival is an annual high point for all film lovers. Between 3-13 March, the festival returns for its 12th edition, granting visitors access to 11 days of screenings in cinemas in the capital. There are also workshops, concerts, pitching sessions and roundtable discussions taking place. Check out the full agenda and piece together your own route, you can either buy tickets to individual screenings or for the entire festival.

2. Hear Asaf Avidan & Band

What: Incredible singer and performer
5 Av. du Rock'n'Roll, 4083 Esch-sur-Alzette - Google Maps
Sunday, 6 March at 7.30pm - info & tickets

The Israeli alternative pop singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan is back with a new album, called Anagnorisis, and is on a European tour, stopping in Luxembourg on Sunday. After 10 years of non-stop touring, as he approached his forties, Asaf decided to take at least a year to reflect on his life, his career, his art. To feel time and space differently, after these years of constant movement and change. To live and write differently. He settled in Italy, in an old farmhouse transformed into a recording studio and residence for writers. This profoundly transformed his creative process, something you'll undoubtedly hear this weekend.

3. Attend traditional Buergbrennen

What: Burn the winter away
Local communes
When: Sunday, 4 March (usually late afternoon/early evening)

Huge crosses and even whole castles made out of wooden palettes are currently dotting Luxembourg's fields - have you spotted one in your local commune already? The large wooden pyres are being built in preparation for "Buergbrennen" ("castle burning"), a Luxembourgish folk tradition that is also still being practised in some Belgian and German towns the Greater region. Buergbrennen is celebrated on the first Sunday in Lent, exactly one week after "Fuessonndeg" (Carnival Sunday). Gather around the cross in your commune, have something to drink and snack, and welcome spring to Luxembourg!


4. See martial arts-inspired dance performance

What: Video game-like dance
3 Place des Rotondes, 2448 Luxembourg - Google Maps
When: Saturday, 6 March at 3pm - info & tickets

In a choreography inspired by martial arts, two male dancers get to know each others' strengths and weaknesses without there being a winner or loser.

5. Immerse yourself in water exhibition

What: Could water carry memories?
 Espace H2O, Rue Rattem, 4687 Differdange - Google Maps
When: Fridays to Sundays between 3-7pm - more info

According to scientific research, water that has been in contact with certain substances retains an imprint of their properties. What could that mean? Considering light and water as a single entity, this exhibition explores water as a fundamental link between all elements of our world. Artist Ivana Ceković invites you to her exhibition, which is in the H2O space until 3 April.


© Ivana Ceković

6. Explore western Luxembourg

What: Beautiful scenery for hiking, relaxing, cycling...
Where: Guttland area
When: Anytime - more info

Just outside the city of Luxembourg, visitors will find an enchanting setting of charming villages with old farm houses, imposing castles and beautiful natural landscapes. The region offers a calm and peaceful environment, despite it being located at the geographic center of the country. Hundreds of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails meander through the untouched landscapes. The historic heritage is ubiquitous, whether in the Valley of the Seven Castles, on the many Gallo-Roman sites or in the rural museums. A weekend to explore the Guttland region!

A list of the best things to do.


© Visit Luxembourg

7. Build your own synthesiser

What: For kids
5 Av. du Rock'n'Roll, 4083 Esch-sur-Alzette - Google Maps
Saturday or Sunday, 11am-1pm - info & tickets

This workshop, led by French collective of artists and educators Kogümi, will teach young and old alike how to build a mini-synthesizer, from the assembly of the electronic components to the decoration of the box. There are two sessions, between 11am-1pm on either Saturday or Sunday. 


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