Luxembourg may not be big, and it's traditional dishes are fairly meat-heavy, but its selection of vegetarian and vegan restaurants is formidable.

Before we jump into the main list of articles, it can't go without mention that Luxembourg is home to best vegetarian restaurant in the world as of 2020 - at least if you ask the folk behind the "we're smart - green guide", who handed that very crown to La Distillerie in Bourglinster.

- Luxembourg City –

If you are looking for a 100% vegan restaurant, Beet is the place to be. Famous for its burgers and falafel plates, you can be sure to have a locally sourced and seasonal dish.

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The menu tends to change now and then, but for the moment, their truffle mac-and-cheese is worth trying.

Also, try their fresh juices and homemade desserts – including a mouth-watering Moelleux au Chocolat. (32, place Guillaume II in Luxembourg City and 5, avenue des Hauts-Fourneaux in Belval)


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While Mesa Verde is not a completely vegetarian restaurant, it offers many plant-based meals.

What makes Mesa so unique is its international-inspired cuisine: Lucien Elsen – who opened the restaurant thirty years ago – turns the dishes he finds abroad into local and organic discoveries. My personal favourite remains the vegetarian couscous and the soups. (11, rue du Saint-Esprit)

Another essential address in town is Exki. Similarly to Mesa Verde, Exki has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Their selection changes regularly, but visit Exki for a fast yet ecologically mindful meal.

They also have locations at Auchan Kirchberg and in the Gare district. (72, Grand Rue in Luxembourg City and 11 Rue du Fort Bourbon near the Central Station)

 - Kirchberg –

HaPP, an acronym for Healthy and Pure Products, offers fresh and unprocessed meals. When choosing your dish, you are made aware of every single ingredient – at HaPP, you can be certain that you are eating organic and locally sourced food free from additives. (44, avenue John F. Kennedy)


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You might already know Dean & David from abroad, but they opened two restaurants in Luxembourg.

You can grab a quick bite or go for a larger, warm meal. They also serve meat and fish, but most options are vegetarian, and you can find many vegan wraps, salads and soups.

Make sure to keep an eye out for their desserts! (29, boulevard Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Luxembourg City and 45, avenue John F. Kennedy on Kirchberg)

- Gare –

Moving on to the Gare district, Nirvana Café dominates the vegan scenery and also is relatively wallet-friendly.

I like to visit Nirvana for lunch because of their 100% vegan, Indian-inspired buffet and meals of the day. (1, avenue de la Gare)

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While it always rotates its meals, Oak guarantees always to be plant-based, gluten-free and palm oil-free.

The food is not only good for you and the planet but also incredibly delicious. Also, the staff is charming and will always reflect Oak’s vision of creativity, taste and sustainability. (43, rue Goethe)

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Of course, I cannot talk about vegan restaurants without mentioning Rawdish. They started as a small place dedicated to raw meals, but have now expanded to include non-raw delights.

Be prepared to spend quite some money for small bites here – though they really are worth a try.

You might also spot their food at several grocery stores, such as Naturata or Cactus. (2a, Place de Paris)


© Rawdish Luxembourg

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My personal favourite is Green Olive, a buffet-based restaurant that serves both vegans and non-vegans. You can ask for either a large or a small plate and fill them to the brim, so their price is reasonable.

I tend to ask the staff to surprise me with a vegan or vegetarian meal because of the extensiveness of their buffet, and always end it on a positive note. (75, rue de Strasbourg)

There are quite a few other vegetarian- and vegan-friendly places that I have yet to visit: Mesa (la Maison de la transition) in Esch-sur-Alzette is an organic shop which also serves locally-sourced, vegetarian lunch.

Glow in Bonnevoie is another health food restaurant which doubles as a coffee shop with notorious smoothies and breakfast.

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Lastly, Flowers Kitchen is quite known for its monthly brunches, although you have to be quick to book a table. Other than brunch, you can always find delicious breakfast and lunch.

Also, they make vegan pastry – just leaving that here.

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