As the weather gets nicer, many of us start to spend more time outside enjoying the many walking and cycling paths Luxembourg has to offer.

At some point you may begin to wonder about the nature you see around you, from the different trees to the wildflowers on the forest floor.

There are a number of courses and activities to get both adults and children learning and connecting more with nature, and we also look at some of these topics in our recently published second issue, ‘Into the Forest’.

In addition to the resources below, don’t forget to check the agenda of your local nature reserve, as they often offer their own activities and walks throughout the warmer months.

Activities for adults

There are many events around the country where you can find affordable secondhand items, from clothes to furniture and more. These range from community markets, where anyone can reserve a table to sell their things, to pop-ups by local businesses.

This non-profit offers in-depth nature training in Luxembourgish and German for adults to become wilderness educators. Skills learned include starting a fire, wood carving, cooking in nature, recognising animal tracks and many more.

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This local Instagram account from UK native Kate Shirley is full of nature inspiration, with tips on living seasonally and DIY activities. She will soon begin offering a monthly walk around foraging, wildcrafting and making simple herbal remedies. Get in touch with her for more information.

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Foraging Nature Walks in Luxembourg

This new English-speaking meetup group organises forest walks based around plant identification and foraging.

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Based at Fromburguerhaff in the Müllerthal nature reserve, Naturzäit offers workshops around nature for all ages. Upcoming activities for adults include cooking with wild herbs and relaxing in the forest.

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Forest bathing

Based on the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku, forest bathing takes you into the woods to experience the sights, sounds and smells with conscious intention. Several practitioners offer private sessions year-round, including Besch Coaching and Shinrin Yoku Sangha.


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This is a great resource to find different nature workshops and courses in rural areas around the country, particularly if you speak German or Luxembourgish. The occasional activity may also be offered in French or English.

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Activities for kids

Aktion Bambësch, Luxembourg City

This well-known forest camp has been organised by the City of Luxembourg for over 40 years. Children in primary school who live in the city can attend for free at Easter, during the summer holidays and at Christmas, enjoying activities in the popular Bambësch forest.

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House of Nature, Kockelscheuer

Run by non-profit Natur&Emwëlt, the House of Nature in Kockelscheuer organises regular workshops and activities for schools and maison relais classes, as well as a nature club for kids ages 6-12.

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Um Montessori Haff, Hobscheid

This maison relais located on a pedagogical farm and tied to the Ecole Montessori Schoul organises nature camps for kids ages 3-12 during every school holiday. Rain or shine, children spend much of the day outdoors, enjoying trips to the forest and time spent with the farm animals.

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Forest Kids

This new initiative launched by a mother originally from Sweden aims to create a local movement around outdoor schooling. They organise regular activities for the whole family, such as hikes and scavenger hunts.

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Bambesch Forest School, Luxembourg City

Opened in 2019, Luxembourg City’s first forest school is located on the edge of the Bambesch forest in the Eich neighbourhood. With space for thirty children ages 3-6, the kindergarten classes, part of the public school system, are based around outdoor nature activities.

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Differdange’s Kannerbongert campus groups together a creche, kindergarten (Spillschoul) and a maison relais based in the forest with the aim of providing the opportunity for children to experience all the cognitive and health benefits of spending time outdoors.

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