A Wizz Air plane landing at Skiathos airport in Greece pulled off a very low approach to the tarmac, which surprised spectators and beach visitors alike.

On Friday 5 August, the Wiz Air flight W6844 from Naples to Skiathos made a low-flying approach to the airport, which ended up being a close call for curious spectators and beach visitors alike. A video of the spectacularly low landing has since gone viral on social media.

The tarmac on the Greek island only measures 1,628 metres in length, which is why pilots are always forced to execute a low-flying approach. In general, tarmacs at regular airports measure between 2,400 and 3,900 metres.

According to aviation enthusiasts, the recent landing of the Wiz Air flight shown in the video may have been of the lowest approaches ever recorded at Skiatjhos airport.