The long weekend of Pentecost and the school break are upon us. Many of us will want to escape the grim weather.

Luxair is seeing its bookings fill up and even cruises are on the rise again. But we haven't seen the end of Covid yet, and there are a number of travel restrictions still in force.

Turkey, Greece, Spain and Portugal are among the most popular destinations for the school break. More and more countries are easing their entry requirements. In Greece, Croatia and Madeira, people who are fully vaccinated no longer need a Covid test.



Luxembourg requires a negative Covid test until 30 June if arriving by plane. At its main destinations such as Spain, Portugal and Greece, Luxair offers this test to its passengers.

Cruise holidays are also possible once more, with the Mediterranean in high demand. Hygiene conditions on the ships are similar to a hotel.

A negative PCR test is required, with another test being administered just before embarking. Cruise companies generally offer passengers a quick test on board before disembarking.