A 'staycation' in our beautiful Grand Duchy may be all you need this year - at least if you want to go to the Matador network's #1 pick of the year!

You may be wondering what they base that on.. Well, it should come as no surprise that they start with the unquestionable natural beauty of Mullerthal (check out this video if you've not been) - saying that "Luxembourg's 70-mile Mullerthal Trail offers some of the best hiking and cycling in Europe."

And what better way to end a day of hiking than by having a well-deserved drink and a bite to eat? Matador network recommends heading to the Moselle, noting - "if you only try one wine in Luxembourg, make it the Crémant; it’s a staple of the country, and Luxembourgers drink it with pretty much everything." Well, they're not wrong there.

As for dining, they recommend bouchée à la reine, Judd mat Gaardebounen, and Bouneschlupp.

Who did we beat?

Given that Luxembourg was their #1 pick, you may be wondering who else we beat.. so we'll give you the rest of the top-5 (for the full list, see link below):