The AirHelp Score shows you which airlines offer the best service, fly on time, and treat passengers fairly if problems occur.

Qatar Airways ranked the best in the 2019 rankings with an overall score of 8.23/10, American Airlines were a touch behind at 8.07 and Aeromexico in third (see top ten table below).

Luxair placed eighth with a total score of 7.9, level with Austrian Airlines and just behind WestJet.

How is the AirHelp Score calculated?

On-Time Performance

Arrival and departure statistics for every plane and calculate how many of an airline's flights are on schedule.

Service Quality

Survey of thousands of air passengers around the world rating  food, comfort and crew of their most used airlines.

Claim Processing

This relates to how efficiently airlines handle compensation claims, including how long it takes them to pay out.

Luxair scored most highly in Claim Processing with 8.1 whereas On-Time Performance and Service Quality came in at 7.8.