Just before the holidays, they can be found in every larger city: Christmas markets. On europeanbestdestinations.com, users were asked to vote on the best markets in Europe.

Whether you want to buy some last-minute gifts for under the Christmas tree or just like the atmosphere and the mulled wine, there are lots of reasons to love Christmas markets. But (beyond our very own) which Christmas market is best?

1. Zagreb in Croatia

Zagreb has topped the polls for three years in a row now. The Christmas market in Zagreb attracts visitors with its friendly atmosphere, many concerts, an ice rink, and affordable prices.

The market is open from 1 December to 6 January.

© Julien Duval

2. Colmar in France

Not far away from Strasbourg, the second best Christmas market in Europe attracts plenty of people over the festive season. With its exceptional architecture, culture, and food, Colmar is well worth a visit at any time of the year, but the Christmas market makes it feel that bit more magical.

The market is open from 23 November to 30 December.

© Colmar Tourisme

3. Vienna in Austria

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vienna's annual Christmas market is no less impressive. The Christmas markets are spread across most of the city centre and one of the most well-known ones is the traditional "Wiener Adventszauber" market.

The markets are open from 17 November to 24 December.

© Calin Stan

4. Budapest in Hungary

The Annual Christmas market in Budapest has a lot of fans from across the globe and its location on Vörösmarty square in front of the cathedral gives it a unique charm.

Visitors are entertained by flashmobs and laser shows which are projected on to the outside of the cathedral.

The market is open from 27 November to 2 January.

© Lerner Vadim

5. Strasbourg in France

While Paris is well worth a visit during the festive season, Strasbourg is the indisputable French "capital of Christmas" with its magical illuminations and traditional Alsace food.

The Christmas market, which has been taking place since 1570, is one of the oldest in France.

The market is open from 23 November to 30 December.

© Marinada

6. Montbeliard in France

This year is the first time that Montbeliard got a spot in the ranking, and it made it right into the top-10.

Its stratospheric rise has everything to do with the quality workmanship that is being sold at the Christmas market stalls.

The market is open from 24 November to 24 December.

7. Aachen in Germany

Nestled in the very heart of Europe is our number 7. It has been one of the most well-loved Christmas markets in Germany for a while now and the lights surrounding the historic cathedral transform the city into a magic winter wonderland every year.

The market is open from 23 November to 23 December.

© Huang Zheng / Shutterstock

8. Basel in Switzerland

The Basel Christmas market is steeped in tradition, and as such it is not surprising that it has been selected as one of the best markets in Europe.

Apart from the lovely old city centre, lots of little shops attract visitors each year.

The market is open from 22 November to 23 December.

© Andreas Gerth / Basel Tourismus

9. Metz in France

One more spot in France, and this one is pretty close to Luxembourg! The Metz Christmas market made it into the ranking for the first time, in no small part thanks to its impressive ice sculptures. To warm up those cold fingers, visitors can enjoy a mug of traditional warm apple juice.

The market is open from 18 November to 30 December.

© Benoit-Lapray - Justin-Pix / Bureau-de-Tourisme-de-Metz

10. Tallinn in Estonia

As legend has it, Santa Clause chose Tallinn as the spot for the first ever Christmas market back in 1441.

Tallinn's architecture and snowy weather makes it the perfect location to get those beautiful holiday shots. Those who can brave the cold will especially enjoy the city's special New Year's celebrations.

The market is open from 24 November to 5 January.

Number 11 to 20

11. Brussels in Belgium, 30 November to 6 January.
12. Prague in the Czech Republic, 1 December to 6 January.
13. Manchester in the UK, 9 November to 22 December.
14. Cologne in Germany, 26 November to 23 December.
15. Amiens in France, 23 November to 31 December.
16. Dresden in Germany, 28 November to 25 December.
17. Nürnberg in Germany, 30 November to 24 December.
18. Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany, 30 November to 23 December.
19. Bern in Switzerland, 1 to 24 December.
20. Leipzig in Germany, 27 November to 23 December.

Forbes also recently published its list of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. They too placed Zagreb at number 1, and Luxembourg even made it to number 3!