Can't decide where to go on holiday this year? Check out this awesome video footage of Vietnam, as filmed and described below by Joseph Cashell.

The Northern Skies of Vietnam

North Vietnam is a beautiful place and it gets even more beautiful when you take to the skies. This video is a result of Jone's (pronounced the same as the name "Joan") first few excursions (at least one of which may have resulted in a crash). 
Music: 'Piano Moment' by Bensound

Discover the Descending Dragon: Hạ Long Bay

Vịnh Hạ Long, Hạ Long Bay, or the Bay of the Descending Dragon is considered to be one of Việt Nam's most impressive natural wonders featuring 1,600 protruding islands over an area of 1,500 square kilometres.

Music: "Brooks" by Kai Engel
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The furthest north you can travel in Việt Nam is the Hà Giang province, a region with mountains extending in every direction while river valleys carve out paths between them. I personally find Hà Giang the most stunning location I've been to in the world, to the extent that even though the weather during the filming of this video was far from fantastic, there was still no shortage of breathtaking views.

Music: "Cinematic Inspiration" by Alex Che
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Joseph Cashell is a teacher, moto-bike enthusiast, YouTuber and resident of Vietnam since 2015.