TRAVELLING IN LUXEMBOURG: The rock labyrinths of Berdorf - PART 2

The unusual geology of the “Mullerthal” region of Luxembourg has created a fantasy wonderland of rock labyrinths, perfect for little explorers with big imaginations...

Gorges du Roitzbach


Arguably the most spectacular site in the entire Mullerthal region, the Gorges du Roitzbach spill down the valley in a series of labyrinthine crevices. Like the “Siewenschluff“, the larger gorges are numbered but, really, visitors can choose their own way of navigating this maze of towering cliff faces.


Immediately above, the viewpoint over the Black Ernz valley is one of the most-photographed sights of the Mullerthal, and there is no shortage of curious rock formations and hiking possibilities in the neighbouring area. A campsite, “kiosk” café (summer only) and adventure playground make this one of the most pleasant tourist bases in the region.


A way out?



The “Labyrinthe” gets the thumbs-up from Child #4

Given the name and the natural history of this region, one may be excused for expecting great things from a gorge named “Labyrinthe“. However, don’t raise your hopes too highly – compared to the others on this list, this is rather tame: a single narrow canyon winding through a rocky landscape.

fullsizeoutput_d86At the entrance of the “Labyrinthe”

It may require a fantastical imagination to discover your personal minotaur in here, but the Labyrinthe is, nonetheless, undeniably impressive.  The hike from Berdorf to Echternach is a tourist favourite in this region, and this formation is one of the undoubted highlights of the journey.


Located near the neighbouring village of Condorf, I’ve already mentioned the marvellous cave crevices of the “Kohlscheuer” in my article “Dark Places of the Mullerthal“. But really, these crevices are only part of a larger labyrinth of rocks, with narrow canyons criss-crossing the area in a mind-twisting feat of natural splendour.

Some paths lead to hair-raising rock pinnacles high up in the trees:

Others underneath crazily wedged boulders:


And others still into dark, dark caves:


But just like all the other rock labyrinths featured above, it doesn’t actually matter which path you choose: getting lost is all part of the fun, especially in a landscape this gorgeous.

(Photo originally published in our “Dark places of the Mullerthal” article)

Where to find them:

2017.04.02 Labyrinths - Consdorf (Map credit:

Other practical information for visiting the rock labyrinths of Berdorf:

  • In case it’s not obvious, this is a rocky and varied landscape. Good hiking shoes  are required to explore the region, and the labyrinths themselves are not suitable for pushchairs or bicycles.
  • The labyrinths are generally safe for kids to explore, but common sense is required. In particular, ensure that your children do not take a wrong turn between gorges 6 and 7 of the “Siewenschlüff”  (a path upwards leads to a sheer cliff edge!). The “Belle vue” at the Kohlscheuer is also not recommended for young children.
  • The Siewenschlüff and Gorges du Roitzbach can be found on the excellent “Walking Tour B2“. You will need to deviate slightly from the path to explore the labyrinths themselves; watch out for the signposts.
  • The Werschrummschlüff, Labyrinthe and Kohlscheuer all lie directly on the  “Mullerthal Trail 2” (which also passes nearby the “Gorges du Roitzbach“).
  • When reading maps or trying to spot signs, please note that the names of the labyrinths (indeed of many rock formations in the area) have multiple spelling variations, e.g. “Werschrummschlüff” (the German variant) is occasionally seen as “Weerschrumschlëff” (the Luxembourgish equivalent). “Kohlscheuer“, in particular, has a zillion different variations. If it’s close enough, it’s probably correct.
  • For more information on the local region, is a great place to start.

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