In September, there is still a huge variety of fresh produce to choose from, but autumn is slowly and steadily approaching.

The grape harvest starts and they are mainly used for wine-making. Recently however, table grapes are also cultivated along the Moselle. Grapes are delicious with a cheese platter and the range of Luxembourgish cheeses, whether made of cow’s or goat’s milk, is growing ever wider!



September is pumpkin season: they can be small, large, round, curved, yellow, orange, red and even black; in Luxembourg alone over 30 varieties are cultivated.

Pumpkins also keep well; stored in a cool, dry and dark room they can be kept for up to three months. The most common recipes are of course pumpkin soup or purée. However, the seeds should not be underrated, they are often used to decorate dishes, but they also belong to the so-called superfoods and are very healthy.

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