The salad season starts in May and there are lots of different varieties to buy. As far as fruit is concerned, the strawberries will soon be ripe. How you prepare them is left to your imagination.

The “regional star” in May is without doubt asparagus ... whether green or white, it all tastes good. The green variety has a stronger flavour; the white type has more vitamins.

Did you ever wonder why some are green and some are white?

Quite simply because the white asparagus grows underground, i.e. in the dark, and the green above ground; it gets its green colour from the chlorophyll which is activated by the sunlight.

To ensure that the asparagus stays fresh for as long as possible, you should wrap it in a damp cloth and keep it in the fridge. This way you can keep it for up to four days, after which you should eat it. Why not with some good Luxembourgish ham?

Do watch out for a cold snap during the days of the Ice Saints (11-15 May), young vegetables can’t tolerate frost!

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