In April, the first locally grown asparagus is available in stores, alongside spinach, kohlrabi, spring onions and radishes. By the way, these last longer if you cut off the green leaves and put the radishes in water, this way they stay fresh and crisp for longer.

An important fact to know about kohlrabi: the leaves are much healthier and contain more vitamins than the bulb itself. You can cut the fresh leaves into a vegetable soup or even a salad.  

If you have not yet started colouring eggs for Easter, consider buying Luxembourgish eggs and dyeing them with onion skins that have been boiled in a mixture of vinegar and water. The use of natural dyes is good for the environment, it also allows you to get creative and transform the eggs into real works of art. By the way, regionally grown onions are still available in April as goods from stock

Moreover, in April, fresh rhubarb grows in the garden. Before you harvest it, make sure that the stalk is smooth, else it is not ripe yet.

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