In the context of International Women's Day, the newspaper Essentiel published an exclusive interview with the Luxembourgish royal on Monday.

When asked about her experiences of ever being reduced to traditional gender roles, the Grand Duchess affirmed that it was inevitable even for her to not be pushed into certain positions where she was no longer able to behave as she desired. She explicitly referred to it as a veritable "fight" to make herself heard and be met with respect.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa elaborated that she persists in these fights nevertheless, as she believes it to be her duty and a just cause. She emphasised that the support of her husband is an enormous help, but that she still has to fight against the preconceptions of others. The Essentiel interview does not go further into detail at that point.

The interviewer did however enquire about the Grand Ducal couple's recent purchasing of a residence in Biarritz. The royal noted that she always liked the location for its proximity to Spain where she grew up.

The Grand Duchess also revealed that she has not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19 and that she will wait for her turn.

Upon enquiry from our colleagues at RTL, the Palace conveyed that it did not need to authorise the interview as the Grand Duchess spoke on her own behalf, not as a royal representative. Officials also informed us that the Grand Ducal couple did not ask for permission prior to the recent interview published in Paris Match. Court Marshal Yuriko Backes, who was a guest at RTL Radio in February, noted that she would probably not have allowed the publication given the form of the article. During the interview in question, the Grand Duchess accused the country of practicing a form of misogyny for trying to "erase" her.