On a list that features Pitt, Washington, Clooney, Styles, Hemsworth (x2), Mendes and Bieber, there is an entry for one of Luxembourg's Royals.

December is a month of lists and not only those sent to Santa.

End of year polls fill column inches and pixels as the press are keen to keep clicks clicking (we are no exception, it seems).

Prince Felix of Luxembourg is a worthy runner-up in the category Sexiest Royal. Felix is joined by Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden, Prince Mateen of Brunei and Prince William on the podium.
It is perhaps no surprise that Harry remains the most sexy of royals, despite a turbulent year, but that Felix is in the mix is one for the fridge magnets.

We'll readily admit that this article is lean...but it's not everyday that Lil 'ol Lux is in international headlines.

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