Sunday marks 8 years since Guillaume and Stéphanie got married.

Royals from all over the world had made their way to the Grand Duchy for the occasion, including representatives from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, England, and Japan. Around 1,400 guests were invited to the wedding, which took place in the capital's Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Additionally, 270 Luxembourgish citizens got a chance to attend the ceremony, which was conducted by archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich.

Apart from the official celebrations, several events took place across town that day, including public viewing of the wedding ceremony.

Almost 8 years late, on 10 May 2020, the couple's first son was born. Prince Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume came into the world at 5.13 am in the Grande-Duchesse Charlotte maternity in the capital.

© Roland Miny