People are speculating that Queen Elizabeth II shaded Trump by wearing a tiara that's a ‘symbol of protection against illness and evil’.

The royal family hosted a lavish banquet at Buckingham Palace on Monday night to honor President Donald Trump's United Kingdom visit. Many on social media particularly took note of Queen Elizabeth II's Burmese Ruby Tiara.

According to the Royal Exhibitions website, the 96 rubies set into the tiara "represent the number of diseases that the Burmese people believe can afflict the human body." "They credit the ruby with prophylactic properties guarding the wearer not only against illness, but also against evil," the site explains.

Twitter users were quick to make assumptions about why the queen opted to wear that tiara with Trump.

The British royal family owns a deep trove of tiaras and crowns and Queen Elizabeth II is most often spotted wearing the the Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara.