Prince Gabriel of Luxembourg cooked for homeless children and youths in London on Thursday.

On Wednesday we reported that Prince Gabriel, son of Princess Tessy and Prince Louis of Luxembourg, would be cooking for homeless children and youths at a charity event on Thursday. In an interview with RTL Today, Tessy noted that the young prince was both humbled and excited by the request to be part of the charitable event, which was to take place at Italian restaurant 40 Dean Street in London.

We are pleased to report that it went very well indeed. In a comment to RTL Today, Princess Tessy said of the event:

"Gabriel was incredibly proud! He cooked beef ragu with home made tagliatelle, home made pizza, cheese and spinach ravioli with a truffle sauce and sea bass. He also ran around making sure once everyone was eating and that everyone had bread on the table and a juice.
I was very impressed with his tireless effort to make it a beautiful experience for everyone.

At the end he prepared another 15 take away dishes and chocolate goodie bags for all:)

It was an incredibly rewarding day for him and all of us.

He was very humbled with all the support he received to make this first charity event a great success and is already planning the next one."

*As a disclaimer, we do not have any photos of any of Prince Gabriel's customers for privacy reasons.