According to Business Insider, "an Airbnb management company calculated that the Queen could make more than $1.3 million / €1.156 million per day if she rented out Buckingham Palace."

In fact one room for one night in the palace would be $4,000,/€3,560 and since there are 52 bedrooms in the palace, good old Liz could make a pretty penny.

With Brexit breathing down her neck,  this may not be so much of a long shot.. Since there are also state rooms that would fetch a larger sum, it's only a start. Imagine the potential to host conferences!

GuestReady's study suggests the monarch could charge a daily rate of £3,570 (€4,161 / $4,657) for one of the 52 royal bedrooms.
The palace is not only the administrative headquarters of the monarchy and the Queen's private residence.

It also has an impressive total of 775 room and boasts a private movie theatre, an indoor swimming pool, a post office, and a medical centre.

The Business Insider article goes on to mention the palace is currently undergoing a £369 million (€430.2 million/$482.5 million) makeover which could take a decade to finish.