97-year-old British Prince Philip decides to give up his license three weeks after his serious accident.

Buckingham Palace announces in an official statement that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II has decided to give up his license after careful consideration. The accident that occurred three weeks ago is still under investigation.

The Duke of Edinburgh crashed into another vehicle when turning onto a main road in Norfolk. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash broke her wrist and the other passenger suffered an injury to her knee. The nine-month-old baby in the back of the car luckily was not injured.

Whilst Prince Philip was not injured, he was under shock following the crash. Just two days after the crash he was caught not wearing his seat belt by the Queen and received a warning from the police.

The Norfolk police confirmed that the Duke of Edinburgh has handed over his license voluntarily. This is being taken in consideration in the ongoing investigation regarding the crash and Prince Philip will most likely not have to face any legal consequences.

The Duke was heavily criticised by the public for not apologising to the woman involved in the crash. He only got in touch with her two weeks after the accident. Unsurprisingly, the crash sparked debates about the aptitude to drive amongst the elderly, as it is currently rather easy for over 70-year-olds to renew their driving licenses.

According to official stats, over 100,000 individuals over the age of 100 are currently still allowed to drive in the UK.