The stark contrast between Kate and Meghan is entirely deliberate, so say Royal insiders.

Meghan Markle has been in and out of the headlines over the last 18 months, more so based on her shunning of protocols than fashion, yet it his her breaking of the royal dress code on a regular basis that has set tongues wagging again.

She has gone to engagements without (shock, horror) wearing tights, has gone barefoot and has dared to wear pantsuits where more traditional outfits would be considered the norm.

This contrast is all the more evident when considering the more demure styling of her sister-in-law.


Kate Middleton would certainly tick more of the boxes on a typical royal attire checklist.

A stylist friend Jessica Mulroney have reportedly made a "conscious effort" since the very beginning of Meghan and Harry's relationship to define a style for Meghan that was separate from Kate's, so they would "not be accused of copying Kate's style," the insider told Elle.

That being said Markle's 'team/squad' have not discounted the trends favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge, and they have overlapped when the occasion calls, using the same designers: Erdem, Alexander McQueen, and Emilia Wickstead.

The interesting element here is the historical pattern and the juxtaposition between now and the Princess Di and Fergie era in the 80s/90s.


Meghan typically wears dark, solid colors, and often leans toward a trendy, professional vibe, with plenty of blazers, collared shirts, and sleek trousers.

Kate, meanwhile, opts for brighter shades, often in floral or polka dot prints, fills her wardrobe with more dresses than pants, and has an overall more traditionally feminine style than Meghan.